Embracing and Honouring Change

As living beings we are always changing, growing and evolving. Change is inevitable and Change is good. Everything in the world experiences change at one time or another.  For example, every few months the seasons change and that creates a whole slew of other shifts that are important and necessary.  When the weather gets cooler the leaves change colour and eventually fall off to allow the trees to rest and gear up for the next season.  This is an important part of the process that allows the universe to function and perpetuate.

From birth to adulthood the changes we experience and see are physical in nature.  We all expect to see a baby go from crawling to walking and we celebrate this milestone. It is a joyous event.  When a child measures his height from one year to the next we are amazed at the progress and all of these changes are a sign of growth and maturity and everyone is happy and applauding it.

When we reach the age of maturity we are under the misconception that we should not expect any other changes and we have reached maximal physical capacity and strength.  The goal is to maintain what you have.  We forget to consider that while the physical development was underway there was an emotional component that was helping to shape our mind.  We all know that the two go hand in hand, but somewhere along the way we begin to believe or convince ourselves that any further change is not good, not normal and we refuse to accept it.

Honouring Change

However, everything about us changes and I believe that the events that take place from birth to adulthood do affect how we manage and accept change.   Everyone seems to fear ‘change’ and what they perceive might happen as we go through it.  However, I prefer to feel that ‘we grow and evolve’ through shifts since that sounds much more in line with what is really happening.  I do understand the fear associated with feeling like things are changing, but there should also be a sense of excitement with the unknown.  We can compare it to moving from one home to another;   it’s chaotic, hectic and there is a lot of uncertainty about what to expect out of a new home.   For example, will I like my new neighbours?  What will my commute to work be like?  I will miss the memories of my other home, will my children settle in with ease?   There is so much uncertainty surrounding the event.

When someone tells me that they can’t jog anymore because their body is preventing them from doing so, I respond by telling them it’s not necessarily their body, it’s their mind. Most likely their interest in running or jogging has dwindled and they may be interested in a different activity.  We should consider the willingness and desire to try new things an honour.

It is a blessing that we are alive and well and able to experience the natural process of aging gracefully.

As I said, change is good since without it things would be quite boring and it should be considered  a breath of fresh air and there are many positives associated with.  When we have nothing to look forward to, life can be very boring.  The excitement of not knowing what’s next can be very healthy and motivating.  When our environment and surroundings are dynamic, we grow and learn and have the opportunity for personal growth so we can learn a lot about who we are.  Above all, life itself is ‘change’ since we are evolving and adapting every day, month and year.

Our body’s response to the ebb and flow of life is no different.  As we grow our physical capacity increases and we become capable of more.  We can enjoy more strength and endurance as well as increased desire to be active and engaged in many different life activities.  As the years go on, many of us naturally mature or ‘change’ what we like to do are want to do.  Often times it has nothing to do with physical capacity it is what we have learned about ourselves over the years that leads us along a new path.  So rather than fight it or become aggravated and depressed about it why not just embrace it and honour it.

“If we don’t Change, we don’t grow.  If we don’t grow we aren’t really living.” –  Gail Sheehy

So the advice that I like to give is that the sooner we can accept ‘change’ the easier it will be understand that life is very dynamic and interesting and in order to live it to its fullest we must accept that from birth to adulthood and beyond we are evolving and it is important to understand that.

In order to ‘embrace and honour ’ it you need to alter the way you view change, so just remember that nothing stays the same.  So being nostalgic over a dream vacation or a successful marathon or a championship win will only limit our progress onto bigger and better opportunities for growth.  Learning to adapt by including small shifts or ‘changes’ to your daily life will get you excited for the unknown and this will help you with personal growth and self-awareness so that you can live a more meaningful life.

If you have read my previous posts you will know by now that I believe that the mind, body and spirit are one in the same.  Therefore as our bodies, grow and evolve so does our mind and believing that we are physically incapable of participating in a regular activity is not spiritually healthy.  What is more important is the acceptance that the mind, the body and the spirit are asking for change.  A small injury that may prevent you from something may just be a sign that your body is looking to try something different and equally fulfilling.

Do not struggle with ‘Change’: it serves no purpose to personal growth and development.  It is much more productive to ‘Embrace and Honour Change’ by going with the flow and living each day as it comes.




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Dr. Claudia Machiella

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