10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hollywood Awards Shows

The best gossip is in the loo, the food sucks and the after-party rocks!

By: Amanda Brugel

1. The ladies room is where the party is at. Everyone pees—even celebrities. So whether you are in line for a glammed-up porta-potty or crammed into a hotel room at The Beverly Hilton, this is where the best gossip is exchanged and the most epic (NSFW) selfies take place.

2. Security is Secret Service level high. The venue is crawling with heavily armed police officers and security guards. Your vehicle is stopped and THOROUGHLY examined with inspection mirrors. Once you have finally reached the red carpet, there are at least three stages of metal detectors. It is Survivor for famous people.

3. Everyone acts like puppies during commercial breaks. The second—and I mean second—the live ceremony pauses for a commercial break, everyone jumps out of their seats to schmooze with friends at other tables. It’s the most adorable three-minute game of “fancy musical chairs” you will ever witness.

4. The food at seated dinners is awful. Is that lettuce…what is that?!! But the chow at the after-party is phenomenal. Who doesn’t want truffle mac ‘n cheese at 1 a.m.?

5. “Nice” celebrities exist. Mahershala Ali, Sterling K. Brown, Tracee Ellis Ross and Sandra Oh are some of the friendliest, most open, kind, joyful people on the planet. Despite what you hear, the “nice” celeb list is so much longer than the “naughty” list.

6. People dance like their lives depend on it. About an hour into the after-party, dance battles erupt. I am talking heels off, jacket on the ground; Dance Nation. The best part is when different casts challenge each other. FYI: Don’t mess around with the Stranger Things ensemble. Those kids come to win.

7. Winners cheer like they’re at the Super Bowl. When a winner is announced, their cast, producers, even network execs, scream for 10 seconds straight. People jump up and down and there is high-fiving and shouting and hugging and more jumping. It’s so lovely to see.

8. The speeches are less boring in person. From the beginning of the ceremony, the room is buzzing with electricity, so the acceptance speeches are often a welcome reprieve from the nerves and flashing lights.

9. Celebrities get star-struck. Big time. Whether it’s Nicole Kidman fan-girling over Halle Berry’s shoes or the entire cast of Crazy Rich Asians spotting Tom Hanks across the room, famous people still react like regular folk when they lock eyes with Hollywood royalty.

10. The gift bags really are all that! Remember when it was your friend’s 7th birthday and as you were leaving you were handed a plastic loot bag filled with candy and one random toy? The same thing happens when departing an awards show. Except the candy and toys are replaced with luxe skin care and candles and gluten-free shoes.


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