Harness The Power Of The Pelvis And Enjoy Life To Its Fullest

The power of the pelvis is very fascinating.

Every muscle, joint and ligament complex is important for movement and the structural integrity of the body.  However, the Pelvis (also known as the pelvic girdle) is fascinating and powerful. The Pelvic Girdle consists of paired hipbones that are connected in front at the pubic symphysis and behind at the sacrum. It is shaped like a basin and is responsible for housing many organs, like the bladder, intestines and uterus. Besides acting as protection for a developing fetus as well as the birth canal, the pelvic girdle connects the trunk of the body to the legs and acts as support and balance for the trunk. It supports the weight of the vertebral column and is our centre of gravity. The obvious function of the pelvic girdle is to allow us to walk upright, to stand and sit or bend without falling over.

The pelvic girdle is made up of four bones: the sacrum, two ilia and the coccyx and is supported by many muscles that control movement of the lower limbs. There are muscles in the pelvis that are supportive, like the gluteal muscles.  The purpose of the gluts is to keep the sacroiliac joint together and to avoid too much unnecessary movement between the two bones.  While others are there to keep the pelvis attached to the torso and the leg by way of the hip, like the psoas muscles (also known as the hip flexors) located on either side of the vertebral column.  Let’s not forget to mention the very important muscles that make up the pelvic floor that when weak are responsible for some cases of bladder and bowel incontinence.

With that much intricate anatomy it is no wonder that so many things can go wrong with the pelvic girdle. Any imbalance of the muscles that control the pelvis can cause back pain and pain in the sacroiliac joints. When the pelvic floor muscles are weakened many people may experience stress incontinence which is leakage that occurs with a sneeze, a cough or a laugh. Needless to say, keeping the integrity of the muscles and the joints that make up the pelvic girdle is very important for many reasons.

However that being said, diagnosing a pelvic problem is quite easy if a proper assessment is conducted and it can be corrected quite readily if a treatment plan is put in place and there is patient compliance. Adjusting the joints of the lumbar spine and the sacrum as well as massage therapy to loosen tight muscles and maybe some physical therapy to strengthen other muscles will reduce pain and restore proper function.

However, if we look at healing from a whole body perspective we can look at other systems of healing to interpret and heal illness. Since every joint and vertebrae is surrounded and attached to other joints by way of muscles and ligaments we can understand that any disturbance in the alignment of a specific joint or vertebrae will have a negative effect on some aspect of health. If we can understand this concept then understanding The Chakras will be easy and fun.

There are seven chakras in our body and they are thought to be centres in our bodies where energy flows through. If the energy in any one of the seven chakras is blocked it can lead to illness, therefore it is important to what each chakra is associated with and how to keep the energy flowing. The Chakra I will be discussing is called the Sacral Chakra or the Second Chakra and is associated with the emotional body, sensuality and creativity.  It is associated with the element Water and therefore encourages flow and flexibility and the acceptance of change when it is in balance. This particular chakra is associated with the colour orange and is responsible for seeking pleasure in our daily lives. A Sacral Chakra that is balanced and open will give you the opportunity to live life to the fullest and to be true to yourself and your desires.

If you have a blockage in the flow of energy in the Sacral Chakra you may experience any of the following symptoms:

  • emotional overreactions like envy, jealousy, anger, rage
  • muscle tension and abdominal cramping
  • emotional attachment to people or objects
  • codependency

When seeking to heal the sacral chakra it is a journey toward learning how to accept the simple and beautiful aspects of life. It is easy to detect if your sacral chakra is in need of a reboot. Characteristically, the person will express signs of indulgent behavior, whether it is toward food, substances or games, knowing how to be and feel fulfilled is part of sacral chakra healing.

Having negative, emotions, such as anger, hate jealousy or envy are symptoms of second chakra imbalance and are associated with feeling powerless and not in control. Not having a firm grip on your emotions and not understanding how to be appreciative of what life has to offer is indication that this chakra needs some assistance.

From a physical perspective, balancing your sacral chakra can help health issues like infertility, endometriosis, ovarian cyst, prostate and testicular disease.

Now that we know what to look for when determining if there is an imbalance in the Second Chakra, I will outline how to heal the energy centre and be able to live life to the fullest. Healing any chakra can be done using a healer who will balance all of your energy centers and offer you tips and advice on how to stay centered.  However, harnessing your own power to do so is easy.

What You Need To Know: Harness The Power Of the Pelvis


I encourage everyone to meditate and find a method that works for you but for the second chakra imagining the colour orange, whether it is an orange flower, or a bright orange sunset that is glowing from the area of your sacral chakra, hold that image for a couple of minutes while you are breathing deeply.

Dietary changes

Consuming oranges, melons and sweet fruits are great for cleansing the Sacral Chakra. Drinking tea made with cinnamon and other spices like a Chai is soothing and balancing to this chakra. Since the element associated with this chakra is water drink plenty of it.

Essential Oils and Healing Crystals

Using patchouli, orange and ylang ylang either alone as aromatherapy or during meditation is useful. Carrying the healing stone, citrine, carnelian or any other orange stone will help to balance the sacral chakra.


There are yoga poses that function to open up the hips and encourage the flow of chakra energy in the pelvis. One example is Open Angle Pose (for a visual please google the position).

Be Close to Water

Be around open water as often as you can.  Sitting with your feet immersed in water will encourage flow of energy to this energy center.

Get Adjusted

Getting regular adjustments by a chiropractor will help keep the chakra balanced and aligned and will allow energy to flow back and forth to the second chakra.

The Pelvis is a very powerful group of muscles, joints and ligaments and energy.  An imbalance of the pelvic girdle may be the cause of greater, deeper rooted issues that can be corrected by addressing the muscles, joints and ligaments, however, we cannot ignore the fact that it is also an energy center and a blockage to the flow of energy may contribute to the emotional and physical aspects of life.

My advice is to harness the Power of the Pelvis and enjoy life to its fullest following the steps listed above you are sure to feel satisfied, in control and ready to accept.


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