Gluten-Free Lemon Parmesan Pasta

Cooking time around 10 minutes. Serves 4

This gorgeous, gluten-free pasta recipe will give you and your guests the luxurious full-mouth flavour we love from our favourite pasta, but without the full-belly feeling we don’t.

In a pan:

Pre-cooked gluten-free pasta (any will do)*

Lemon zest (of 1 lemon)

Lemon juice (of 2 lemons)

Parmesan cheese (half a cup)

Fresh basil

Eggs (2, yolks only)

Cracked pepper, olive oil, shaved Parmesan for seasoning

*I prefer Barillo gluten-free spaghetti made with corn and rice flour.

Cook off enough spaghetti for your guests and save at least one cup of cooking water.

Add the pasta to a pan over medium heat. Add pasta water, lemon juice and zest. Let reduce over low heat, tossing to coat the pasta. Add basil and cracked pepper. When the liquids have reduced, turn the heat off and add egg yolks, stirring gently. The residual heat in the pan will cook the yolks—add more pasta water if required to create desired texture. Drizzle with good olive oil, cracked pepper, basil and more Parmesan, of course! Enjoy!


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Mike Ward

Mike Ward

Beginning his career at the age of 17 in Australia, Mike was soon preparing meals for such clientele as Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. He has cooked in some of Sydney’s and Toronto’s most acclaimed restaurants and has owned several catering companies over the years. Mike’s has had a rare mix of both […]

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