Glowing Skin, Glossy Lips and the Best (Fake) Tan Ever- Summer 2018 Essentials

Keep it simple this summer and downsize your makeup bag when you travel—your summer essentials start with glowing, beautiful skin. Read on to discover some great summer products to accentuate your glow, find out the truth behind some beauty myths and learn a few new pro tips and trends.

If you happen to be a makeup lover who wears it all, narrowing it down to the essentials can be challenging. To simplify this process, consider the climate of your vacation destination and the clothing you plan to wear; then complete a beauty look using the fewest possible products from your makeup bag. Ask yourself if you really need false lashes, contouring products or seven lipstick shades on your trip. If you’re still finding it tricky to leave anything behind, match the contents of your makeup bag to that of your garment bag. This will prompt you to decide on your makeup must-haves.

We love the security waterproof mascara gives us but dread the inevitable removal process; scrubbing away at our eyes until our lashes surrender to the friction and fall out. If this sounds familiar, I feel your struggle because it’s real! What to do? If you haven’t tried this already, coconut oil may just be the answer, as it can break down even the most resistant waterproof mascara. It’s an easily accessible natural oil that smells like vacation. The best part? Your lashes will stick around to thank you.


Purple rain
Ultra violet is Pantone’s colour of the year. You’ll see it being worn on the eyes, lips and even cheeks. Just a little dab of violet gloss atop a pink lipstick or a subtle dusting of illuminator in a similar shade is enough to keep you on trend.

Get a glow on
Contouring is taking a step back this season and glowing skin a big step forward. Gone are the heavily sculpted cheekbones, noses and face framing of 2017. What’s current is healthy-looking skin achieved by using a liquid luminizer and minimal foundation.

Glossy kisser
Lip gloss is something we’ll be seeing lots of as things begin to heat up this summer. With glowing skin trending hard, lip gloss is a natural, perfect, accompaniment. If a nuanced version is more your thing, adding a touch of gloss to the centre of your lower lip will accentuate the fullness of your lips just enough to tie in nicely with that glowing radiance.


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