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Five Ways To Make Your Healthy Lifestyle Stick

Following a healthy lifestyle is important.

One thing however is that we live in an instant gratification society.

It is unfortunate that this has transcended into the wellness industry, now more so than ever.  The idea that if we spend a short time adopting healthy habits (sometimes super radical ones) we assume that we will just continue with those habits afterwards.

Sometimes it does work.  However, sometimes it doesn’t, possibly resulting in us going backwards.

The real appeal of a ‘magic pill’ is that it provides the solution to a process that is perceived to be frustrating, exhausting and time consuming.

Who needs that?

We have all been told that ‘being healthy is a lifestyle’. It is a daily commitment, an ongoing desire, an inevitable good feeling.

Really.  That’s it. Done.

So is making awesome thriving health inspired lifestyle decisions your ‘magic pill’? Yes!

5 Ways to Make Your Healthy Lifestyle Stick

Find your motivation:  Think about what matters to you and what you deserve by feeling confident, healthy and energetic.

Ditch the ‘go big or go home’ mentality: Slow and consistent wins the race.  Going from nothing to committing to the gym five-days a week for two hours will lose its appeal very quickly. Seek the advice of a fitness professional to put the right plan in place for you.

Find a tribe: A support system will help you stick to your goals, plus it is way more fun. It could be an online group, fitness buddy, or personal cheerleaders.

Track your progress and reward your efforts: We are quick to forget where we started and how far we have come. Grab a personal journal and jot down how you are doing and feeling each day. After achieving small milestones, reward yourself with something that feels good (that does not involve food).

Don’t let setbacks take you out:  Setbacks happen. I think I want to say that again.  Set backs happen!  Dust it off as quickly as possible, regroup, and continue on.

Follow my tips and you will be on a new path in life, a good one, indeed. Stay healthy. Live longer.





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Monika Tupholme

Monika Tupholme

Monika Tupholme (BSc. in Biochemistry, CPT, and FNC) is a former professional volleyball player.  She is now a Performance Strategist|Educator  who helps active people reignite their metabolism so they can lose weight, re-energize, curve joint pain and get their MOJO back. You can follow Monika on social media: Instagram: Facebook: Visit her website: […]

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