Where to Take a First Date in Toronto

First dates can be nerve-wracking, but the right setting can make or break the whole experience! It can be tough to pick a perfect place to impress a person you don’t know very well, especially with so many places to choose from in Toronto. We’ve narrowed it down to a few places that are hard not to love and are guaranteed to get you that second date:

  • The One Eighty (55 Bloor St W)

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Aptly named, this chic spot nestled on the 51st floor of the Manulife Center, gives you a 180 degree view of the city. With great cocktails and a beautiful balcony, you’ll have the entire Toronto skyline to admire, even if the date is not going as planned!

  • El Catrin (18 Tank House Lane)

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The Distillery District is an awesome spot to walk around, antique shop, peruse art galleries, and try some great food. In the winter, the Christmas Market provides unparalleled romance. In the warmer weather, the El Catrin patio is situated around a giant fire pit and is a perfect stop on a summery first date for margaritas and some of the best Mexican food in the city.

  • Cocktail Bar (923 Dundas St W)

(Photograph from KingBlue)

Yes, the name of this lovely spot in Dundas West is just “Cocktail Bar”. How mysterious! It’s a hidden gem that feels cozy and totally separate from the world, making for a very intimate setting – great for a rainy evening first date. Everything about the bar is thoughtful, romantic, and intimate which is exactly the vibes you want to be giving off to your potential significant other!

  • Track and Field (860 College St)

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Track and field is an awesome spot in Little Italy for those who want to be a little more active with their date. You can show your hand at shuffleboard and bocce ball, giving you plenty of laughs and conversation.

There’s something for everyone in Toronto, so use what you’ve learned about your date from your conversations to pick a place you think they would like. If you know your date loves art or history, suggest the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, or the Bata Shoe Museum (this gets points for being the quirky option)! If they like being outdoors, the Evergreen Brickworks is an excellent choice in the city.

Remember all the cliches: Have fun and be yourself (but not without a snazzy cocktail in hand)!


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