10 Ways to Look and Feel Better This Summer

Do you want to look and feel your best this summer? Here are some tips to recharge your batteries, boost your spirits and feel better at any age.

Feel better this summer
Jennifer Valentyne offers tips on how to look better and feel better this summer.

Recharge Your Batteries and Feel Better

2017 is my 50th year, and I have much to be grateful for as I embrace this new chapter. I now spend my mornings on the radio at Q107 Toronto—a great new adventure! As summer approaches, I want to recharge my batteries and do all I can to feel younger, stronger and more engaged with life. Here are a few things that are guaranteed to rejuvenate your look and boost your spirits—at any age.

Treat yourself to a facial

I felt like a new woman after I tried the Jessner Peel at Rice Cosmetic Surgery. It took away that dead layer of skin to reveal the brighter, younger-looking skin below. This non-surgical procedure rates high on my list of favourite beauty treatments.

Highlights provide a fresh and flattering look

I recently dropped by Fiorio Yorkville for a few around my face.

A new dress for a wedding or a party is a must

Find something that flatters you now and don’t wait to lose those extra pounds. A new outfit is always a confidence booster.

Feel better this summer
The 10 Minute Tan from Vita Liberata.

Tanning cream properly applied will give you a youthful glow

I tried the 10 Minute Tan from Vita Liberata, and it definitely gave me that sun-kissed look. It’s perfect when you don’t have a lot of time.

Get back into action with your exercise program

It’s certainly not my favourite pastime, but I do enjoy walking. It’s not only good for your circulation but it can help you lose weight and reduce stress. Join a walking group or consider getting that dog you have been thinking about.

I am a fan of teeth whitening strips

They are an effective affordable way to enhance your smile and give you a more youthful look.

Treat yourself to a mani-pedi

Nothing says health and vitality like well cared for hands and feet.

Drink lots of water

It works as a natural moisturizer to improve complexion and flush away toxins.

Laugh at yourself and see the humour in life

It reduces stress which can contribute to premature aging.

Have more sex

It will increase your self-esteem and sense of well-being and it’s fun!


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