Toronto Dress Rentals

Fashion Forward Dress Rentals are Elegant and Economical

As the holiday party invitations roll in, the number one question we’re all asking ourselves is “What am I gonna wear?”

Fashion forward dress rentals Toronto

Before you “invest” (and to quote most husbands: “a dress is NOT an investment”) in multiple dresses—or dare I say: beg, borrow and steal from your girlfriends—you must go play dress up with Angela Pastor and Julie Buczowski, co-founders of Toronto’s Studio Fitzroy dress rental boutique. This boutique style studio offers fashion-forward dress rentals from Australia, L.A. and Canadian designers. And you can just walk in! No appointment needed!

Fashion forward dress rentals

Dress rentals range from $70-$100 for a four-day rental and can be booked in advance or same-day, either in the studio, online or over the phone. Plus, Studio Fitzroy takes care of the dry cleaning. It’s just that simple!

Fashion forward dress rentals Toronto

With all the festive fun and more photo-ops than ever, renting your fab party frock is the perfect way to never-be-seen wearing the same dress while upping your sustainable style game AND saving a little Santa cash. It’s win-win-win!

Fashion forward dress rentals

By Natasha Geddes

Photography by Brogan McNab


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