Exercise Motivation

Exercise Motivation 101: Great Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

There are many excuses one can create to avoid exercise. Telling yourself you are too tired, too busy or just don’t have enough money to frequent the gym can be enough to deplete your motivation. The way you talk to and treat yourself needs to be changed. Making your health a priority is the first step to achieve exercise motivation. It’s time to take care of you and make good choices. These choices can help you in future and improve your quality of life.

Find your Exercise Motivation

Create an Exercise Schedule in Advance

Take the time to plan out your week. If you schedule your workouts in advance you are more likely to stick to them. Write them right on your calendar and do not change them to accommodate anything else, unless an emergency. If you start allowing the flexibility in your schedule to change your workouts, it will be too easy to just forget them all together. Stay accountable to your calendar!

Be Competitive

If you have a competitive side, embrace it! Engage in friendly competition with your friends, family members or even yourself. Challenge yourself to work out an extra 15 minutes than you did the day before, Race your friends in a steps challenge or see who can plank for the longest. Feeding your competitive nature will give you the motivation you need to stick with your routines.

Plan Your Playlist

Music can be great for Exercise motivation. Create your own exercise playlist on your device. Fill the playlist with songs that make you want to move your body. If you find yourself feeling as though you don’t want to work out, turn the mix on and listen for a second. Chances are that will start you moving and keep you moving until the playlist is done.

Set Goals

It is so important to set goals, your exercise motivation depends on knowing what you want to achieve with the workout. It’s important to remember that people plan differently and there are many who do well with visual goals as well. You have to determine what works best for you whether it be a goal board with visuals on it or just a simple list that you can check things off of.

Track Your Fitness

There are so many great fitness trackers available on the market today! Having something in front you tracking your exercise is very motivational. It can also inspire you to be more competitive with yourself. Seeing progress is many people’s most important thing and while you may not see a change in your body or fitness level right a way. With a fitness tracker you can see what you have accomplished on the days you really pushed yourself, (and what you didn’t on the days you took time off.)

Commit to You Time

You can increase your exercise motivation by knowing the great benefits that exercise can have for your overall health and wellbeing. Consider your workout You time because it is. You can listen to your favourite songs, and enjoy knowing that you are doing something great for yourself and your body.
Achieving exercise motivation is not impossible! Although learning to motivate yourself might seem as though it’s a challenge, once you get started you will adapt to a routine and finding the motivation to exercise will become easier.


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