Diamond Buying Hacks for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we know everyone has jewelry-buying on the mind. For so many, that means a very special diamond piece.  We’ve enlisted Andrew Brown, president of WP Diamonds, a leading purchaser of diamonds and fine jewelry worldwide, to put together the top “Diamond Buying Hacks” for you to live by when taking the dive into buying a ring (or any other diamond-encrusted piece for that matter). 

Here are 6 diamond buying hacks you need to know!

  1. Only an expert can tell the difference between a D colour and a G colour but the price will vary by up to 50% so feel free to confidently purchase a G.
  2. Slight inclusions are not visible to the naked eye so it is always great to look for a stone that has very slight imperfections. There can be as much as a 75% price difference between SI1/SI2 stones and a flawless diamond – this can mean thousands of dollars in savings.
  3. Price increases often happen on the half carat so always go up by 0.45 or 0.95 in order to maximize your size without significantly increasing cost, this is one of the best tricks in the business.
  4. Always pay attention to the surface area of a stone.  A shallow, 2 carat diamond with a large surface area can look nearly half a carat larger than a stone of the same carat weight that holds much of its weight on the bottom, hidden beneath the setting.
  5. Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most expensive shape.  Consider an oval or cushion cut to save on cut and increase carat.
  6. Diamond Fluorescence: a term most shoppers have never heard before.  Medium blue fluorescence in a diamond can be a good thing for your wallet, this does not detract from the look of the stone and you can save 10%-15% based on this secret alone.

So before you go running to the store, keep these tips in mind! Your jeweller may even be surprised with all your knowledge!


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