Decoding His Emojis- What he is REALLY trying to say

We all love a good emoji when texting, there’s no ifs ands or buts about it.

Women like to send them and so do men. However, believe it or not, there are hidden meanings behind the emojis we all receive.

Women enjoy sending smiley faces, and kisses, but men on the other hand tend to use different kinds of emojis to express themselves.

We spent the last while researching the top emojis men use when communicating with their crushes and here is what we have come up with.

What He really means with His Emojis

Smiley face with shades:

Men, well most of them, like to keep things cool in the early stages of dating and this does impress women. So, when you get a smiley face with shades it means your man knows how to play the dating game and is willing to take his time in getting to know you. 

Winky face:

This is very popular emoji men use when flirting, so ladies if you get a winky face then it means he is into you.


The smirk is a step up from the winky face and means he is ready for some bedroom talk (if you know what we mean). That’s right, he wants you!

Face with heart smooch:

This is a common emoji men use during a relationship and it’s a very positive one. When you get this emoji he is jiving with what you are saying and looks forward to seeing you soon.


Okay ladies, when you get this one, it does not mean he wants to cook up a stir fry, but instead he wants you in the sack. When you get the eggplant the walk-of-shame may be a true reality for you!

Now that you know what those emoji’s mean, make sure you send him some of your own in response.





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Paul Fitzgerald

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