Decode Her Emojis- What do her Emojis REALLY Mean?

We live in a texting world full of emojis, and when you meet someone on a dating site, like Tinder of Plenty of Fish (POF), or in person, then it’ s a given that you will be using your trusty smartphone to communicate with them.

That’ s right texting is the norm these days and is a very straightforward method of communicating.

For men, women are sometimes hard to figure out and if emojis are included in texts then it takes the conversation to a whole new level. Emojis of sorts can, believe it or not, be a real sign of where things are going.

Does she really like you? Or, is she putting you in the friend zone?

Over the past month we have been researching what the “emoji experts” are saying on this topic and why emojis are worth “a thousand words.”

Decode Her Emojis


This one is a given! If a women sends you an emoji that is kissing then chances are you are going to score big. There are a number of different kinds of kissing faces and when you get these then one thing is for sure: you are going on the next date and chances are you will be heading for “home plate,” as the expression goes.


Here is another positive emoji. If your crush is sending you hearts after your last text, that means she adores what you are saying and really digs what you are laying down. Heart emojis also demonstrate that she wants to get to know you way more. So if she sends you hearts, then ask her out again. You will be pleased with the outcome, there’ s no doubt about it.


This is a very popular emoji and one that a woman will use when she likes you. They are like kissing and heart emojis and mean that your gal is into you. When you get heart-eyes it is a clear sign that your relationship is also getting way more serious and she wants to spend more time with you.

Wink with smiley face

Again, this one is a total positive emoji. A wink with smiley face is a clear indication that she likes your text and she likes you and is a door open for more dates.

Smiling blushing face

This one is a very common emoji used in the early stages of texting. Women use this emoji to let you know that they like your text and you, and are open to getting to know you more. So, if things progress in the right direction, then you can count on this emoji turning into more expressive and romantic emojis like hearts, heart-eyes, and wink with smiley face.


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