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Date Night Ideas for The Best Thursday Date Night Ever

Date nights are essential to keep the spark in any relationship alive! It’s so important to connect and be together once in a while. If you want to keep your relationship strong, it’s great to set a date night.

5 Date Night Ideas for you to try This Thursday

Thirsty Thursday

Many restaurants and bars have cocktail deals every Thursday night. Kick off your pre-weekend festivities with a night out with your loved one. Just be sure not to drink too much, you have to work in the morning!

Teamwork Thursday

Cooking dinner together can be incredibly romantic. Ways to spice up your typical dinner at home would be to make your own picnic in your living room, or having an intimate fondue party!

Thankful Thursday

A great and helpful date night idea would be to volunteer; whether it be at a soup kitchen or helping out someone in your local neighbourhood that is in need. Show your appreciation for what you have by giving back.

Throwback Thursday

Do something you used to love to do together but can’t seem to find the time for anymore. You can also take a trip down memory lane by looking back at old pictures you have with each other, such as your first date, your wedding or even your first child together.

Trivia Thursday

Have a fun night out by going to trivia night, often hosted at local bars. You can usually win cash prizes and enjoy some friendly competition.

There are many great ways to enjoy a Thursdate with your significant other. Strengthening your relationship is always a great excuse to go out.


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