Create Your Own Custom Leather Jacket | Toronto’s Namesake creates handmade leather jackets

Toronto’s Namesake creates handmade leather jackets

Do you want a leather jacket but can’t find the perfect style with the quality you deserve?

Every Namesake custom leather jacket is made by hand in Toronto at the brand’s atelier, where designer Rosa Halpern has named each style after a powerful woman who has left a lasting imprint on the world.

When you visit the Namesake design studio, you’ll create a customized jacket that speaks to your own sense of style, to the person you want to be when you slip into this second skin. 

These jackets are made to be worn, and then some: wear them in, break them down, and stretch them just so. A Namesake jacket is meant to be scarred with adventure and to tell your story right along with you. 

Photographs courtesy of Namesake


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