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Cottage Fashion Staples for a Fashionable Weekend getaway!

Yes, summer doesn’t officially start until the end of this month but the weather will speak otherwise. Warmer weekends are already upon us and that translates into a cottage weekend getaway for many. Cottage fashion is a must!

So you’re only heading away for the weekend but a lot can happen between Friday after work and Sunday afternoon. We strongly believe that one can be both practical and fashionable whether you’re just hanging out on the dock all day or exploring cottage country to the max.

Cottage Fashion Staples

Shorts and Tee

There’s no need to over pack when you have your two staples pieces at hand. Stressed denim shorts go with anything and everything while mixing in your favourite t-shirt for the weekend will be your go-to daytime look.

The Accessories

Pack your favourite sun glasses because you know they will be worn even when the sun goes down. We all want to show our latest handbag purchases but a more casual cross-body provides functionality and you’ll be thankful for it. Classic slip-on sneakers, need we say more?

Maxi, Maxi, Maxi

Go from day to night with a maxi dress (that can still cover your bathing suit if you decide to embark on some night spontaneous night swimming). With so many varieties, there’s a maxi out there for everyone.

Summer Bomber

The bomber jacket has definitely evolved and perfect to keep you warm for the evening while still adding a little extra to your outfit.

The Little Black Bikini

Let’s face it, summer has just begun and it’s all about making sure we get the perfect base colour in order to increase our glow for the rest of the season. Tan lines are a “no-no” and a strapless classic bikini will become your best friend.

Your cottage fashion will be on point this weekend with these tips!


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Mijana (Mia) Germanski

Mijana (Mia) Germanski

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