Gina Livy

Gina Livy

Celebrity Weight Loss Expert

Gina has been helping people lose weight over 25 years. She understands the struggle to lose weight, because she once weighed over 220 pounds herself. After having lost the weight the first time, she repeated the process 4 more times after the birth of each of her children. Gina recognizes her gift and now focuses her energy towards helping others reach their weight loss goals. She is well known in the industry and is the go-to woman for serious weight loss. 

Nowadays most people already know what to do, and if they don’t there is a ton of great information out there available at their fingertips. The real issue is implementation and consistency and that is where Gina aims to help. If you are on a mission to meet your weight loss, fitness and lifestyle Gina has years of experience and endless tips and advice to get you there!

As a Celebrity Weight Loss Expert She has appeared on major Television Networks including City TV, CTV, Rogers and Global as well as hosting her own TV Shows.


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