Cheryl Hickey

Cheryl Hickey

Host of ET Canada

Family first that is how it is, how it was and always will be. Who am I? Well good question! Like most people I battle that question from time to time. To make it short and sweet I have been in many of your homes all across Canada over the years from working in news, lifestyle, and entertainment and with many amazing charities. You have seen that part of me, oh but there is more….a lot more.

Over that last few years I have become a business owner, entrepreneur, a fiercely proud mum and pretty good , no amazing wife ( I think). That said I have walked the walk that many of you have and boy do I have stories to tell. The great thing is over the years I have met some pretty amazing people in the family brand landscape and am excited to share with you stories that will inspire you, create debate with you and some days we will just talk about some of my favorite things that I think you may find useful in your own life or in the life of someone you know.

You can see more on my website at and we can always keep in touch on my instagram at CherylHickey or on twitter  @CherylHickey or if you want a little extra on my snapchat Im under Cheryl Hickey.

Lets start talking.


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