Alicia McNamara

Alicia McNamara

TV and Film Wardrobe Stylist

Alicia is the epitome of celebrity style having spent years in the ever-changing world of costume design where she worked on several high-profile television series’ including NBC’s Covert Affairs.

As a self-taught seamstress and pattern maker, her early pursuits involved designing bridal and eveningwear for private clients. After completing her Bachelor’s in Education followed by a Masters in Teaching, Alicia decided to pursue a career in the fashion industry and now works full-time dressing hosts on an entertainment show.

Describing her style as classic and chic with sexual expressiveness, Alicia believes that every woman can be uniquely feminine while moving comfortably through life. Though it takes a conscious sense of who you want to be, the secret is to always appear effortless. Taking inspiration from twenty-somethings to contemporary ladies, Alicia scours every corner of The Six and beyond to source, assemble, and create a vision that is as unique as it is stylish.


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