A Guide to Contour & Bronzer

Bronze it up

Contrary to what many believe, bronzer is not necessarily a no-no when it comes to winter beauty. Choosing a bronzer just a couple of shades darker than your skin tone, will result in a subtle healthy glow.

Where to place it?

Always think of bronzing products as a bit of a “sun cheat.” If you make sure you’re dusting these lovely cheaters atop the areas of the face or body that the sun would naturally touch most, you’ve already nailed it.

Contouring is here to stay

Contouring isn’t the topic of every beauty discussion the way it was a few years ago, but thankfully, it will be with us forever. Selecting the correct product shade is the first step to making those applied facial contours appear as though they could actually be your own. Choose a product that matches your undertones but with a bit of grey to it. Yes, I said grey! Since shadows are grey in appearance, our contouring products should follow suit.

Where to place it?

Always place your contour product under the areas you want to exaggerate or lift.


If you’re concealing jowls or a drooping jaw line, apply your contour product under the area of the jawbone as if the issue wasn’t there.


To make your cheekbones appear more pronounced, place the product directly under the area. Double check whether your placement is accurate by feeling your cheek area for the bone.


Applying a contouring product above the nostrils but under the tip of the nose will lift and/or shorten the appearance of a longer nose. For slimming a wider nose, apply to either side of the nasal bridge. Start with a small application on the centre of either side of the bridge and play around with the length of it until you’ve figured out what placement is right for you.


Happy blending!


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Suzanne McKay

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