Cleaning Makeup brushes

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes and How Often to Clean Them

Let’s be realistic: If you’re not a professional makeup artist, odds are you are not cleaning your makeup brushes after every use. But how often is often enough?

I believe once per week is ideal for washing away build-up in your makeup brushes, though many experts would agree that once per month is fine.

But how can one cleanse their brushes efficiently and which products are required to do so?

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

If it’s good enough for your hair, it’s good enough for your makeup brushes. Just a regular shampoo is fine when cleaning brushes used for powder, blush, eyeshadow or any dry cosmetic. For brushes with foundation or lipstick build-up, dish soap works very well.

For brushes used with dry cosmetics, fill a cup with warm water. Add a 1/2 tsp of shampoo (you don’t need much) and swirl your brush in the soapy water. Remove from water and gently massage the bristles before rinsing in clean water.

For brushes full with a sticky or creamy cosmetic, pour a nickel sized amount of dish soap into your palm and start working your brush into the soapy solution. Rinse with water and repeat as needed.

Lay your makeup brushes to dry in a clean, dry surface.

Tip to remember:  Bathrooms hold a lot of bacteria, and if this is where you’re keeping your makeup brushes you can help to protect them by storing them in an enclosed space such as a drawer or cabinet away from the (sorry, this is gross) off spray of a flushing toilet


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Suzanne McKay

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