Innovative Personal Technology Helps You Look And Feel Your Best

There is lots of new innovative personal technology on the market that will help you look good and feel good. Take a gander at some of the new tech for beauty and health on the market. Innovative Personal Technology Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Dyson spent $71 million developing this new hair dryer and many are […]

3d body scanner

New 3D Body Scanner Will Help You Get Fit

There is a new fitness companion unlike any other that just hit the market and it will help keep you in shape. Called ShapeScale, this device is a scale and 3D body scanner in one. The base measures your weight and its robotic arm rotates around you. It has a sensor head with 3-degrees of […]


QBracelet will charge up your iPhone – Stylish, Innovative and Useful!

QBracelet is a brilliantly designed bracelet that’s now available on the market, one that is sophisticated and sexy looking. But there is more than just meets the eye. Called QBracelet, this device connects to your iPhone, giving it up to a 50 percent extra charge so your trusty phone will never run out of juice. […]


Decoding His Emojis- What he is REALLY trying to say

We all love a good emoji when texting, there’s no ifs ands or buts about it. Women like to send them and so do men. However, believe it or not, there are hidden meanings behind the emojis we all receive. Women enjoy sending smiley faces, and kisses, but men on the other hand tend to […]

Siren Smart Ring

SIREN Smart Ring Helps Keep You Safe

It may look just like a really cool fashionable ring, but the SIREN Smart ring will do wonders in the horrific event you are being attacked by a criminal predator. You see, a team of inventors out of New York City have just developed SIREN, which is now being hailed as the first wearable alarm […]

New Shoes Transform

New Shoes Transform From Flats to Heels in Seconds- Mime et Moi

A start-up company based in Munich, Germany, has developed a very innovative line of new shoes that will be a woman’s new best friend 24/7. Mime et Moi add comfort and style for any occasion with their interchangeable heels that clip on and off in just seconds. With one click of a little button you […]

Smart Tampon

my.Flow Is A Bluetooth Smart Tampon – Period

Everything is these days going high-tech, and this includes tampons. You see, a team of inventors in the United States have just developed my.Flow, which they claim is the world’s first smart tampon monitor and will “provide a solution to menstruation mortification” ​“The world’s first tampon monitor, my.Flow allows you to check how full your […]

Best Fitness Trackers of 2017

If you care about your health and well-being, you likely know how helpful fitness trackers and wearable technology can be: these activity bands provide inspiration, tracking and insights on your overall health 24/7.

The Best Of CES 2017 To Charge Up Your Lifestyle

Every year, thousands of technology experts and enthusiasts from across the globe flock to Las Vegas to take in the massive Consumer Electronics Show. This year, Vitalize Magazine scoured the show, taking in 4,000 exhibitors to bring you our top 10 most innovative lifestyle tech products hitting the market. Lemon LEMON is the world’s first […]