Turn Summer Guilt into Summer Freedom

Tips to give your kids some downtime this summer As a kid, I remember the last day of school; rolling down the car windows on the drive home, feeling the hot air on my face and feeling free. We never had any grand plans in the summer—except to swim as much as we could. I […]

Diamond Buying Hacks for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we know everyone has jewelry-buying on the mind. For so many, that means a very special diamond piece.  We’ve enlisted Andrew Brown, president of WP Diamonds, a leading purchaser of diamonds and fine jewelry worldwide, to put together the top “Diamond Buying Hacks” for you to live by when […]

Avoid Damsel Wedding Distress

“Delegating is difficult… if you give your bridesmaids too much to do, you seem controlling. If you take care of everything yourself, everyone will wonder if there’s even a wedding happening.” Whether you’ve known each other since before you were born and spent much of your childhood living ‘la vida loca’. You’ve built impressive clubhouses, […]

How to Find Wedding Gown Bliss

I was once at a wedding where the bride had changed her gown four times throughout the evening. That evening’s gorgeous wardrobe change was like having front row seats at Vogue Fashion Week. When I asked her why the many gowns, she replied, “I just had to – I loved them all and couldn’t make […]

Engagement Ring Shopping Made Easy

This topic deserves some special attention. Perhaps because the focus here is more on the Mr. Right in your life who is conducting endless hours of research on how to pick the perfect engagement ring. They say it’s easier for a guy to spend an insurmountable amount of money just minutes after a test drive […]

How to Get Through Planning Your Wedding (Without Landing Behind Bars)

So… Orange may not be the best wedding colour this season. But, have you ever dated someone whose mother disliked you for… well, for dating her precious angel? If you are dating that wonderful man-boy and all goes well and you’re truly madly deeply in love, you’ll one day become Mrs. Molly Coddled. Brides, you […]

Where to Take a First Date in Toronto

First dates can be nerve-wracking, but the right setting can make or break the whole experience! It can be tough to pick a perfect place to impress a person you don’t know very well, especially with so many places to choose from in Toronto. We’ve narrowed it down to a few places that are hard […]

Janette Ewen on Colour, Design and the Rise of Microtrends

Janette Ewen lives partly in Toronto, partly in LA, and partly on Instagram. The ubiquitous interior designer and lifestyle expert needs to keep tabs on so many people, places and trends, it’s only natural that she lives part of her life in the virtual sphere. “I’m in a different city every few days; it’s a […]

The #metoo movement ushers in cultural change in Hollywood and beyond

It’s a Fascinating Time To Be A Woman Can we please just take a minute for Lady O! At this year’s Golden Globe Awards, Oprah Winfrey declared, and I quote: “Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” While considering what to write for this column, all I could think about was the current #metoo #timesup movement, and how the world is alive. No question, the #metoo movement has shifted […]

Expect Average This Christmas

This Christmas, Expect Average.

Spend less, do more and keep your expectations in check. Oh, holiday season. You changed your name from Christmas—to be more inclusive—so that holiday stress, anxiety and exhaustion can be shared with adults and children everywhere. What a gift! Thank you so much! Call it what you want, Festivus is stressful. When I was married, […]

Tips and Decor Ideas for Holiday Entertaining

Tips and Decor Ideas for Holiday Entertaining

By Janette Ewen Where do you start if you’re planning to entertain over the holiday season? I always start with a theme. For example, I held a vintage 1930s Christmas party last year. A theme will shape the decor, cocktail menu, food, invites, gifts, music—even the scent of your home. For 2017, the top holiday […]