CAnada Day Drinks

Celebrate Canada 150 with these four easy Canada Day drinks

Canada Day weekend is here in a few days, which means it’s a long weekend to party like a rock star and great Canada Day Drinks!   Hosting a party is never simple with meal preparations and serving drinks to your guests.  Here at Vitalize, we understand that!

To give our readers a leg-up on Canada Day celebrations and make party planning as “Easy as Sunday Morning,” we’ve tested and approved four easy drinks so any host can take the time to enjoy the company with those who makes being a Canadian great!

Easy and Delicious Canada Day Drinks

Canada Day Drinks

Piña Grigio For the Wine Lover 


A neat spin to Wine O’clock is the Piña Grigio.  This tropically inspired cocktail, concocted by Toronto-based mixologist and Co-founder of DrinkSmith, Danielle Yoon, features the Nugan Estate Annelise Pinot Grigio, a crisp and dry varietal, which pairs and mixes well with pineapple.


4 oz Nugan Estate Annelist Pinot Grigio

1 oz Pineapple Juice

½ oz Lime Juilce

½ oz Simple Syrup*

1 sprig of thyme, plus one for garnish


Strip the thyme leaves into a tall glass, add simple syrup and gently muddle with end of a wooden spoon to release the oils from the thyme.  Fill glass with ice and then add lime juice, pineapple juice, and Nugan Estate Annelise Pinot Grigio.  Stir to combine.  Garnish with remaining sprig of thyme.

*Equal parts sugar and water dissolved together.

Canada Day Drinks

Forty Creek Canadian Maple Shooter for the Whiskey Lover 

You may not know it, but this little shooter packs a load of whiskey in one tiny shot glass.  Created by Trina Stewart (not a mixologist but a true whiskey lover), this is a fun way to treat your guests with Canadian flavours while keeping things easy.

Ingredients (For 2)

2 oz Forty Creek Cream

2 oz Forty Creek O Canada Maple Liqueur or 2 oz of Maple Whiskey of your choice

Whipped Cream



Add ice, Forty Creek Cream and Maple Whiskey in shaker.   Shake until chilled.  Pour into shot glasses until ¾ full. Top with whipped cream.  Enjoy!

CAnada Day Drinks

The Great Canadian Caesar for Vodka Lovers 

A Caesar can be as simple as this recipe, or as complex as adding horseradish and pickled juices, or including a buffet of garnishes on top of your carefully concocted cocktail.   For this memorable weekend, we went with easy, but feel free to add shrimp, pepperoni sticks, or even a small egg sandwich like Canadian Sweetheart Dan Levy did on National Caesar Day.  My only advice is not to sway from the Clamato Juice.


Matt and Steve’s Caesar Rimmer

1.5 oz of your favourite Vodka.  (We used Grey Goose)

4 drops of Worcestershire sauce

4 drops of Tabasco or hot sauce

Clamato Dill Pickle Juice

Clamato Extra Spicy


Maple Bacon

Matt and Steve’s Extreme Bean



Rim a tall glass with lime and Caesar rimmer.  Add ice, Vodka, Worcestershire sauce, and Tabasco.  Fill ½ glass with Clamato Dill Pickle Juice, ½ with Clamato Extra Spicy.

Garnish with celery stick, maple bacon, one extreme bean and lime.  Stir and enjoy!

 Canada Day Drinks

Keep it Easy with Beer 

We all know the drill.  Start strong, being the host with the most, serving up cocktails and appetizers, but many of us end up around a blazing fire (or a patio table) with a cold beer or cooler.  There’s no better time to celebrate a great Canadian beer than on Canada Day!  Be sure to load up on Molson Canadian this weekend because you know “we make stronger beer,” and it’s easy and it’s a great to be Canadian.

To the nights like this that you’ll always remember, with the friends you’ll never forget. Happy Canada Day and Please Drink Responsibly!



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Trina Stewart

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