Bring A Piece of Mykonos, Greece Home With You

By Kellee Merrell

The Inspiration: Absolut Mykonos

In the heart of the Cyclades along the Aegean Sea, you’ll find an 85.5 square-kilometre slab of sun-drenched rock. Named after Apollo’s son Mykons, the island of Mykonos has quickly become one of Europe’s most sought-after summer destinations.
via The Express Tribune.

The whitewashed island with its charming sugar cube homes, curling cobblestone streets and flowering bougainvillea trees is a paradise for anyone looking to unwind or cut loose with the best of them. Crystalline waters and incomparable beaches are part of the charm, but above all, it’s the Mykonian people who really leave a lasting impression.

A short walk up the hill, adjacent to one of Hora’s iconic windmills, you’ll find Absolut Mykonos, a charming boutique hotel. In any of its 33 guestrooms, you’ll find spaces like calming cocoons—stylish but pared down—free of art or jarring design. The entire property exudes a private villa feel with an infinity pool and terrace overlooking the sea, and a view to impress even the most jaded traveller.

When it’s time to leave, parting can be such sweet sorrow, but why not bring a piece of Mykonos back into your home? The modern Bohemian aesthetic pairs well with many different interior styles and is easily adaptable. Incorporate the rustic-Greek look with shades of off-white, accented with gold and cerulean blue, natural textures like wood and rattan, and paired with statement objects.

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