Can I get a side of fries with that bridal body?

We say we’ll do it. Monday is the day. So many Monday’s have been crossed off the calendar and we still haven’t even put pencil to paper. You know precisely what I’m talking about.

The Wedding Diet. The diet you tell yourself you’re going on so you can look extra fabulous on your most special day. The cinched waist, sexy toned arms, and perfectly blemish free rosy cheek skin bridal body. I often wonder if Queen Elizabeth had such a conundrum months before her big day.

If you have the willpower I have, taking every opportunity to indulge in one more warm fresh out of the oven cheese Danish, that delectable piece of homemade tiramisu, or the last bit of Merlot in the bottle. Heaven forbid you turn the other cheek, you’ll be well on your way to requiring an elastic waist band on that mermaid gown of yours.

Ladies, your best feature that day, besides the gown, your kick ass shoes and glam jewellery, is your smile and your love.

So go ahead, Mangia! Mangia! (that means Eat! Eat! in Italian)

Don’t deprive yourself of foods that make you and your tummy happy. Your wedding is precisely that… Your wedding. It’s not a body building competition you have to subject yourself to gruelling training for, but a memorable day where love is shared among those closest and dearest to you.

No matter what you think, everyone at your wedding is there for the same reason you are… to celebrate one of the most beautiful chapters of your journey, that will forever be cherished. So go ahead and eat, drink and be married 😉


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