Breezy Summer Beauty Tips &  Trends

Turn up the heat this season with sexy statement lips and 90s-inspired eyes


90s All-Star

With all the 90s-inspired beauty trends of late, I’ve really become taken with the red lip paired with taupe eyeshadow. Think mid-90s with a modern spin. The blending of the shadow is what gives this look a retro feel—it’s not limited to the crease of the eye but instead is carried up further toward the brow. This look is all class, can be worn day or evening and paired with nearly anything. Executing this look may take a practiced hand as the shadow should fade lighter as it extends up to the brow but not to worry; it won’t take you long to master and the payoff is well worth the effort.


Graphic cat eyeliner made its way to the runways of summer season, lending inspiration to all who love to experiment with lining their eyes. These exciting beauty expressions are not limited to the lash line but extend upward from the point of the outer lash line and continue along the crease. Complimented with a nude lip, this look is not only sexy but a statement.


Make a Statement

The statement pout is the epitome of “more is much more”. Pair bright rich colour with loads of clear gloss (or gloss that’s a similar shade to your lip colour), and you can be sure that your pout will stand out from the pack.

Summer product picks


If you’ve grown to love the tingle
that signals a lip-plumping effect is on
its way, you’ll be pleasantly surprised
by the effects of this product, as it
contains spheres of hyaluronic acid
for instant volume.


• Available in eight shades

• 24-hour hydration

• +29 per cent instant volume

• +86 per cent smoother after
four weeks of use


Surprisingly opaque and rich in colour, I was amazed to discover how these lip miracles glide on like butter with zero stickiness. These goodies are remarkable rarities as they hydrate, add volume and are packed with colour, leaving your pout on trend for the season.


• Available in six shades

• Contain collagen-boosting complex

• Non-stick

• High shine


Date Night Downsizing

It’s date night. Your Uber is waiting and you have yet to pack your handbag with your beauty touch-up picks for the evening. What to do? Here’s what! When choosing on the fly, necessity trumps quantity. Try recalling the powder room touch-up sessions from your most recent outings and go with the three items you used the most. Cram them in with your phone, keys, money, breath mints and get going! 


Less is definitely more when it comes to covering blemishes. Remember, the objective is to conceal the blemish. When too much product is applied, it creates the adverse effect, resulting in conspicuous dots on the skin. For optimal results, the surface of the blemish should be as smooth and dry as possible. If you’ve been poking at your blemish and your skin is broken or worse—oozing fluid, you know what I mean—adding concealer is not going to help. Though only a dry product
can adhere to a wet surface, I wouldn’t advise doing so as bacteria could make its way through the opening and cause infection. If your blemish is scabbed over and a texture is present, your best option is to go ahead and apply that powder foundation.

Step 1:

Choose your brush (go for tapered and pointed).

Step 2:

Apply a concealer that is the exact tone of your complexion directly to the surface of the blemish.

Step 3:

“Feather” the product around the edges. Use a cotton swab for best results.

Step 4:

Set the concealer with a translucent powder so the colour remains the same once set in place

Do not be discouraged if you don’t get the hang of it right away; continue practicing and you’ll learn to achieve a seamless cover.

Pro Tip:  A dry product (like a dual active foundation) is easy to maneuver around the crevices and bumpy bits of blemishes. 


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