Breast Augmentation Surgery

Most Common Questions About Breast Augmentation Surgery

These are common questions I hear in my practice from people considering breast augmentation surgery. As always, discuss any questions you may have with your own surgeon.

Most Common Questions my Patients Ask About Breast  

What will my breasts feel like after?

This depends on many factors, which you should discuss with your surgeon. Generally, the way implants feel is related to the size and placement of the implant. In most cases, they should not feel fake. The new silicone gel implants are designed to feel very soft and natural.

If I gain weight, will my breasts get bigger?

That depends. Breasts are composed of fatty and glandular tissue, so the impact of weight gain will vary. If your breasts have more fatty tissue, they may get bigger if you put on weight. The size of the implant itself obviously does not change with weight gain.

Can I fly on a plane or go on a roller-coaster after surgery?

If you are otherwise healthy, breast augmentation should not prevent you from participating in any of these activities. Most normal daily activities, including running, weight lifting and swimming, should not pose any problems.

Is it better to place the implant under the muscle or above the muscle?

Placing the breast implant above or below the muscle really depends on the individual’s body type, desired look and the style of implant that is chosen. Generally, if you have very little breast tissue to begin with, the implant will be placed under the muscle.

My friend has 300cc implants and looks great! I want the same implants. 

What looks great on your girlfriend may not look great on you. Choosing the size and style of a breast implant is very specific to each woman, her body type, existing breast tissue and desired outcome. The same goes for whether the implants are placed under or above the muscle—what looks great on your friend, may not be right for you.

Does choosing a large-sized implant mean I won’t need a breast lift?

This is a common myth. In fact, an implant that is too large for your body type may cause the breast to sag even further over time. A large implant will not negate the need for a breast lift or reshaping of the breasts.

If I get implants, do I still need to wear a bra? 

Most women who undergo breast augmentation surgery still need to wear a bra. Of course, some of this may be based on your body shape and the size of the implant you choose.

More of Your Breast Augmentation Surgery Questions Answered

Will breast implants give me stretch marks?

In most cases, breast augmentation surgery won’t cause stretch marks if you choose animplant size that is proper for your body frame. In rare circumstances, stretch marks can be a possibility.

Do I need to change the implants every 10 years?

This is a common misconception. Breast implants do not need to be changed every 10 years. Breast implants really only need to be changed if there is an issue, or you wish to alter your size.

Will big implants get rid of the space between my breasts?

Bigger implants will not necessarily get rid of the space between your breasts. Trying to close that gap with really large implants could lead to complications down the road. Your implants will be placed centrally behind your nipple and areola and, therefore, larger implants may simply lead to larger breasts spaced apart.

If I take my breast implants out, will my breasts sag?

In most cases, if you choose the correct implant to begin with, your breasts should return to their normal shape after the implants are removed.  However, if you chose a very large implant compared to your initial breast size, you may benefit from a breast lift to resize and shape the breasts after removing an implant.

 Can I breastfeed after I get my implants?

Most women have no problem breastfeeding after implants. The placement of the implant and the location of the incision may have an impact though. If you are considering having children after your breast augmentation surgery, you should discuss this with your surgeon.



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