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The Cost of Breast Augmentation – Your 7-Step Checklist

Over the course of a year, I see hundreds of women across Ontario who are considering a breast augmentation procedure. Along with a patient’s need to have a sense of trust and reliability in the surgeon and staff, another important decision-making factor is the cost of breast augmentation.

More often than not, I’m challenged to meet a competitor’s cost. In fact, I have seen costs as low as $2,500 for a breast augmentation. When prices are this low, it’s time to set the record straight.

Seven Important Factors When Evaluating the Cost of Breast Augmentation

Get to know your Surgeon

At many clinics, the initial consultation is done only with the medical coordinator present, and not with the surgeon. You may only meet your surgeon on the day of surgery. As this is a major undertaking, you need to make sure that you are comfortable with your surgeon before you proceed.

Ask Questions About the Breast Implants

During the initial consultation, it is recommended to ask about the brand of implant to ensure that they have received FDA and Health Canada approval and have passed all requirements to ensure the breast implants they manufacture comply with the highest safety and quality standards. When seeing an ad for $2,500, it is likely that this price is for the implants only, so ask questions about other costs.

Does the Cost of Breast Augmentation Cover An Anesthesiologist?

Some surgeons use local sedation for breast augmentation. At our office, breast augmentation is considered a major surgery and having an anesthesiologist who will be in attendance for the duration of the procedure is mandatory.

Are There Nurses Present During and After Surgery?

A nursing team is vital in order to assist the surgeon and anesthesiologist during a breast augmentation procedure. As well, the nursing staff remains with the patient for after care in the recovery room.

Get A Full Description of Post-Op Care

Some surgeons charge specifically for the breast augmentation procedure. Be sure to ask about Post-Op fees, for follow-up and examinations, for at least a year after the breast augmentation surgery.

Does The Cost of Breast Augmentation Cover Scar Care?

There will be scarring after a breast augmentation. Inquire whether your surgeon includes skin care products in the final quote.

What Happens If There Are Complications?

Ask what happens if there is a postoperative complication. Is there an additional cost? And who will perform the surgery if required?

For most women, the decision to have breast augmentation is a lengthy process.  Having a checklist regarding the cost of breast augmentation will easily assist in finding a surgeon, who provide quality care, throughout the process.


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