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my.Flow Is A Bluetooth Smart Tampon – Period

Everything is these days going high-tech, and this includes tampons. You see, a team of inventors in the United States have just developed my.Flow, which they claim is the world’s first smart tampon monitor and will “provide a solution to menstruation mortification”

​“The world’s first tampon monitor, my.Flow allows you to check how full your tampon is as easily as you would check tomorrow’s weather forecast,” explains the team at my.Flow on their website.

Smart Tampon Technology

Here is how the technology works. You feed a long string to the tampon which is connected to the my.Flow device. The gizmo can be sported on your pants, shorts or underwear.

When you turn the gadget on, it automatically connects to Bluetooth and instantly remembers your device when you reconnect with it each time.

All you need to do is clip on the gadget, insert your tampon as you normally would, and you are all set to go.

All the data is sent to an app on your smartphone or tablet and this means you will always be notified on how full your tampon is. Even better the app provides custom notifications and also gives users period monitoring statistics.

This new line of connected tampons is safe, according to the company. They do not contain any circuitry, batteries, or anything else that would not want inside your body.

But Will It Sell?

The company says they invented the technology in a bid to “obliterate period anxiety.”

“We want to bring data on the period out of the darkness, following in the footsteps of the hundreds of smart devices that track sleep, diet, exercise, and every other bodily function you can think of.” writes the team. “We have developed and are continuing to improve upon a tampon monitor and companion tampons that notify you when your tampon is full and should be changed.”

It’s no secret that many women out there worry about their tampon leaking! This technology will be a hit on the market, and the price point is just right. You won’t have to break the bank when purchasing the smart tampon. The Bluetooth device retails for $50 (USD) and a month’s supply of tampons will cost you $13 (USD).

Yes, this new technology will certainly give women of all ages that right piece of mind – period.


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