Exercise Routine

The Benefits Of Cardio Workouts

Having a daily exercise routine is very important.

There are a number of physiological benefits with exercise. Some examples are improvements in muscular function and strength and improvement in the body’s ability to take in and use oxygen.

As one’s ability to transport and use oxygen improves, regular daily activities can be performed with less fatigue. This is particularly important for people with cardiovascular disease, whose exercise capacity is typically lower than that of healthy individuals. There is also evidence that exercise training improves the capacity of the blood vessels to dilate in response to exercise or hormones, consistent with better vascular wall function and an improved ability to provide oxygen to the muscles during exercise.

You need cardio exercises in your daily fitness workouts. Why? Because cardio exercises strengthens your heart and lungs. It’s so important to elevate your heart rate and keep it elevated for a continuous period of time to strengthen your cardiovascular health.

Cardio workouts burn calories, which can help you lose excess fat that hides muscle definition. Most people cannot get ripped doing strength training alone because excess fat will cover your muscles no matter how big they are.

The Benefits Of Cardio Workouts

  • Weight loss
  • Stronger heart and lungs
  • Increased bone density
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced risk of heart disease and some types of cancer
  • Temporary relief from depression and anxiety
  • More confidence about how you feel and how you look
  • Better sleep

There is a proven direct link between sex and exercise. When you exercise, the brain produces endorphins that stimulate the release of sex hormones. These hormones reduce your heart rate, improve digestion, lower blood pressure and cortisol levels and relax the body.

Cardiovascular exercise, such as running, rollerblading or even a game of volleyball (outdoors in nature is always better) can rev up beta-endorphins, which will cause your heart to race and your blood to flow to all the right places.

Engage in these activities with your partner, and you will find your desire almost doubles. There are countless benefits of exercise and better sex just happens to be one of them. Next time you are considering skipping your workout, consider the impact it could have on your sex life – something you might deem worthy of going the extra extra mile.

Get moving!


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