Belt Bags, Barely-There Sandals & Prints for Days

Fun is the name of the game this summer

Canadian summer has arrived. After many months of colour starvation, stylish trendsetters will be strutting their stuff like birds of paradise—the brighter and louder the better!


Strappy mules and “barely-there” sandals take a step forward this season to lead the way. This dainty shoe trend might be a rebellion to the ever swelling “dad shoe,” which just keeps growing, literally and figuratively. The sneakers leaving the shelves are being replaced by taller, wider, more garish replicas. How chunky is too chunky when it comes to athletic footwear? It remains to be seen.

Purple is the colour to have on your feet right now. Whether it’s a bootie, a pump or a sandal, cover your stems in a lovely shade of lilac. Jewel tones are more prominent than pastels, allowing softer colours to act as neutrals, which always ties an outfit together. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.


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Le Chateau has a great shoe collection for summer that showcases strappy mules and barely-there sandals beautifully.


Handbags have taken an interesting turn this season and some have gone “hands-free.” The retro-inspired belt bag has had a complete makeover and is wanting to be taken seriously. Many brands are showing off their own interpretation of the modern function pouch, showing people that this style looks less “dad on vacation” when worn across the chest. Look for snakeskin, embellishments, fine leather, and, of course, the designer logo must be front and centre.

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Look to Michael Kors for inspiration if you’re not sure where to start. Their belt bags are simple but chic. Classic leather finishes, no bells or whistles, but always that stand-out gold MK for instant brand recognition. This kind of accessory looks great when worn on top of an oversized blazer or jacket, as it cinches in and gives an otherwise boxy silhouette a defined waist. This can also be an easy way to class up your average T-shirt-and-jeans look on days when you don’t feel like dressing up. The belt bag adds a little bit of luxury, as handbags intend to, but retains a carefree nature. And yes, tiny purses are still trending. They’re not going anywhere.


Prints For Days

Patchwork, tie dye, plaid, florals, and stripes; it’s all trending and trending hard. Don’t hold back. Do mix your plaid and argyle. This is a fun, child-like approach to clothing where you can literally just throw it all on and hope for the best. Those who want to dip their toe into the mix-and-match trend in a subtler way can add one more interesting piece to an outfit that is already loud. This could be a patterned silk scarf or a tie-dye hoodie over some patchwork denim.

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The Paula dress from 3rd Floor Studio with stripes and graphic floral print blended together is a perfect example of the trend in a single garment. Forget about clashing; it’s time to try something wild and different.


Think twice before breaking out the gold and jewels this summer. Take a step back from “more is more” and tone it down. Jewelry can be so beautiful when it’s done simply and with minimalism in mind. Diamonds and pearls have had their moment in the spotlight, and frankly overstayed their welcome.


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The new Garden collection from Pandora is a return to simple, beautifully crafted jewelry. With an emphasis on precious metals, small gemstones and girly touches like ladybugs and flowers, these understated pieces are easy to incorporate into your everyday look.


We can’t talk summer without swimwear. Yellow is the hottest colour for swimwear at the moment and is right up there with leopard print. Major themes this season are all super femme; ruffles, paisley print, flowers, and pastel colours. Another must-have is a one piece that can double as a bodysuit for evening wear. Something with a sexy, lace-up neckline, or ruffled shoulders.

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All the hottest styles are within reach at Bikini Haus. Hit them up for style advice and the ultimate guide to size and fit and the coveted suits by La Reveche. The Italian brand focuses solely on feminine beauty and figure-hugging suits adorned with delicate chiffon petals. What are you waiting for? There’s no better feeling than finding a bikini that makes you say, “Damn, I look good!”

While our summers are short-lived, we know how to make the most of them. Be who you want to be this year, and give your wardrobe the love it deserves!


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