Beauty Products on Trend for Spring 2019

What’s in store this spring to freshen up your look, by Suzanne McKay.


Dior Lip Glow via

Lightly stained pink lips will be a go-to this spring but, should a punchier pout be more your thing, lay on that lip colour and match the hue on the cheeks to add a lively statement to your complexion. A popular favourite would be the Dior Lip Glow retailing at $42 at Sephora.


Dior Forever Skin Glow foundation via

Those who generally opt for the naked face vibe are in
luck. Minimal makeup with neutral shades paired with glossy skin is WAY in this season, which is also perfect for those on the go. To get that glowy skin while still pulling off the “no-makeup” look, Dior Forever Skin Glow retails at $64 at Sephora and provides a luminous and radiant look to the skin.


Huda Beauty Classic False Lashes in Scarlett #8 via

I love, love, LOVE that with every season, room is always made for some retro beauty. If this is your speed, now is the perfect time to load on some spiky, spidery lashes and pair them with the classic muted lip and little else. In creating this look, you can pair the eyes with the Huda Beauty Classic False Lashes in Scarlett #8 retailing at $26 at Sephora.


We do it with our cars, closets and cluttered areas of our homes but what about our beauty bags? Anyone with a reasonable (or shockingly impressive) collection of beauty products would greatly benefit from checking in with the lifespan of their makeup and skincare goodies. Refresh with some new skin care products and take a close look at the expiry dates of your items and toss whatever has passed its best before dates.

Using skincare items past their expiration date increasingly becomes a pointless use of product as it not only begins to lose the potency of its intended effectiveness but may cause skin irritation. You know that lipstick that you never wear that’s been chillin’ at the bottom of your makeup kit for eons? Or those impulse buy items that you’ve never bothered with but keep them around “just in case”? Rule of thumb: if you haven’t used a product in months, you’re over it. Bye.

By applying these products and tips into your every day life style you can obtain the glowy and minimal effort look in trend for this spring.


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