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Stay Beach Body Ready All Summer Long- 5 Tips to Stay Slim, Energized and Hydrated

The average person gains eight pounds over the summer. It’s easy to do because nice weather also means drinks on the patio, beers by the lake, epic BBQs and yummy snacks late into the evening. But summer doesn’t have to translate into big gains on the scale. With a few tips, you cannot only maintain your weight and stay beach body ready all summer long… you might even lose a few pounds while still having fun!



The average person needs 3.5 litres just for basic body functions and processing foods in and out. Plus you need to add an extra litre for every half hour you exercise; more if you drink alcohol; more if you eat salty food—and definitely more when the temperature rises. Drinking enough can feel like work, but always having a glass on hand will not only decrease the bloating that comes with the heat; it also will help increase your energy and take away sugar and carb cravings, making it easier to stick to fresh foods.

*adding fresh fruit to your water gives it a great flavour (making it easier to drink more) and helps you stay hydrated longer.


Eat often to stimulate your digestive system and keep things moving, which, in turn, will decrease bloating and lead to a nice high metabolism—helping your body burn more calories during the day. Eating often also prevents your sugar levels from dropping too low in the heat, preventing the need for a sugary pick-me-up and all the calories that come with it. Everyone needs a treat every now and then, but with the constant party vibe the summer brings, one treat can easily add up to 10, and before you know it, your weight is creeping up. Frequent, healthy snacks can prevent that.


In the colder months, your body works like a heater, craving foods like soups and stews that create heat when you eat them. In the summer, your body switches over to acting like an air conditioner and you start to crave fresh food like fruits and veggies, foods that help to cool the body when you eat them. Sugary treats and fatty BBQ meats are easily balanced out by adding in daily salads loaded with nuts and seeds, avocado and cheese and other healthy choices.  Snacking on raw veggies is great because they are packed with nutrients and they also help to create much-needed digestive enzymes—all while having a negative calorie impact. This means it takes more calories to break them down and digest them than the foods actually contain.

Fruits are abundant at this time of year and it’s easy to grab one for a snack on the go. Eating fruit is a good way to increase your water consumption too, and it provides the much-needed simple sugars that help keep your energy up in the hot summer heat.


Keeping up your water intake is hard in the warmer temperatures, especially when you add alcohol to the mix. Remember to add one to two glasses of water for every alcoholic drink you consume to avoid dehydration and bloating. If you are having an alcoholic drink, try to avoid the high-sugar concoctions and added fruit juices. Wine is fine. Choose red over white and a dry wine over a sweet wine to keep your overall sugar intake in check.

If you’re a beer drinker, choose lagers and ales and avoid the low-cal varieties: they may have fewer calories, but the ingredients turn to sugar faster than regular varieties. Choose a beer with substance and try to avoid eating while drinking, especially later in the evening.

Drinking alcohol is generally not the reason people gain weight or can’t lose weight. The problem has more to do with what you are eating while drinking, so choose higher protein foods and fresh veg over heavy carbs and sugary treats.


Exercise is a great way to stay in shape over the summer. It can increase your energy and keep your body looking and feeling great. But when the temperature rises, exercise can also add stress because your body is already working overtime trying to stay cool. Exercising under extreme circumstances like intense heat can stress the body out to the point where it responds by storing extra fat for increased energy.

So remember, sometimes less is more. In the heat, your body requires less food and also less exercise. Don`t be afraid to take it down a notch and chill. And if you do opt for a workout, stay well hydrated and continue to frequently consume fresh snacks to maintain higher energy levels all day long.


Celebrity weight loss expert Gina Livy has been helping people lose weight and keep it off for 25 years. She has appeared on major television networks including City TV, CTV, Rogers and Global as well as hosting her own TV shows.



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Gina Livy

Gina Livy

Gina has been helping people lose weight over 25 years. She understands the struggle to lose weight, because she once weighed over 220 pounds herself. After having lost the weight the first time, she repeated the process 4 more times after the birth of each of her children. Gina recognizes her gift and now focuses her […]

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