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Basic Style Tips Everyone Should Know

Even if you aren’t especially fashion savvy, there are some basic style tips out there that can help you avoid fashion faux pas and mix ups. After all, you don’t want to be the one that wakes up in the morning and gets dressed in the dark! You want to be your best you, and you want to look and feel great.

Using just a few of these basic style tips can keep you looking on trend every day!

Basic Style Tips

Make Sure Your Clothes Fit Properly

Do not try to stuff yourself into those too small pants because they don’t have your size and you just have to have them. You will regret this, not only will you be uncomfortable wearing them and lacking that confidence you so need to exude, but you risk the button popping off and hitting someone in the eye. That is NOT fashionable. This also goes for clothing that is too big. Baggy and saggy clothes that don’t fit right can take away from the assets you want to accentuate and leave you looking like the Paper Bag Princess.

Denim: The Game Changer

A great pair of jeans are a staple in everyone’s closet but don’t forget those cute little jean jackets! You can easily dress down a look and make it more casual with a little denim and it seems to go with almost everything.

Transform Your Look With Heels

Heels can change your look into something you never thought it could be. There is also something very confidence boosting about the sound of the heels hitting the floor. So take your look and confidence up a notch and wear heels once in a while.


Oh yes everyone, it’s time to pull out those funky accessories. In fact, accessories can turn an otherwise boring outfit into something that is so much more. Don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories either. You need not stick to one type, mix it up with chunky, fine and bangle bracelets.

Get Your LBD

It’s kind of silly to even reiterate this but honestly a little black dress is one of those closet staples. Everyone needs a little black dress! The best thing about it is that the shoes, the accessories the handbags can all transform one LBD into an entirely different outfit.
There are many basic style tips that can change the look of your wardrobe and even update things you thought you were done with. Just be sure to clean out that closet every once in a while and part with the things that don’t fit anymore, or that are worn out.


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