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Basic Nail Tips Every Woman Should Know

If you’re a woman who loves to have the sleek and beautiful look of having your nails done, but don’t have the money to break the bank every week, learning a few nail tips can be essential. Doing your own nails doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems and once you learn some key tips, your nails can be looking just as fabulous from your own home as they do from the salon. Follow these simple tips and you will have your nails looking amazing in no time.

Nail Tips to Keep Your Nails Looking Their Best

Remove oil from your nails

With the build up of grease and dirt on your nails, your nail polish will not stick on properly, decreasing the wear time. By using nail polish remover and a cotton swab, you can remove the build up on your nails with a few quick swipes. Try to avoid getting the remover on your cuticles as it can lead to drying of the skin.

Don’t use too much polish

By adding too much polish to the nail, the drying time is drastically increased and can lead to polish getting all over your cuticle. Tip: if you’re in a pinch and your nail polish has gotten too thick, add a few drops of nail polish remover to the bottle and lightly shake the mixture. This will thin out the polish and prevent uneven and gloppy layering.

Cap your polish

No, I don’t mean put the lid on your nail polish bottle (although that is also an essential nail tip to prevent drying out of polish). When applying your topcoat, add a bit of polish to the very end/tip of the nail. By doing so, you can prevent chipping of your nail polish and adds to wear time.

Use a white basecoat

When applying a colourful polish to your nails, apply a white base coat. By using a white base coat this allows for the colour of the polish to reach its full potential and really make the colour vibrant.

Use an elastic band for French tips

Instead of going free hand, or adding tape toward the tip of your nail, wrap an elastic band around the base, right before your desired tip line. The elastic band will allow for flexibility along the curves of your nail and will ensure to stay in place without shifting.


I know this one is obvious, but many people do it. When you bite your nails you’re creating breakage throughout your entire nail. Not to mention, by biting your nails you’re allowing germs into your mouth and are at a greater risk of dental damage. Trust me, it’s not worth it!

These basic nail tips will keep your nails healthy and looking great.

– Nicole Sweetman-Rice



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