Avoid the 3PM Crash

How to Avoid the 3PM Crash

Put the 3 pm double latte down.

To put a spring in your step and avoid the late afternoon crash, let’s focus on energy boosting foods that also stabilize our blood sugar instead. The ones that do not give us an energy surge and then leave us crashing an hour later … ultimately craving another quick fix.

Caffeine is not the only culprit. Quickly digesting carbohydrates, such as sweet beverages, bagels, pretzels, crackers and candy — which give a quick hit of pleasure because they boost serotonin, (our feel-good brain chemical that will also cause our blood sugar to spike and give us a short-lived high) that ends in a crash.

Limiting our sugar intake and balancing our blood sugar is the key to harnessing more energy throughout the whole day. Even after 3 pm.

Try adding one of these energy boosting foods to your lunch or afternoon snack.

Water – Yes water! Dehydration may actually be at the ro

ot of your fatigue! It can lead to headaches, ruin your concentration, and put you in a sour a mood. So before anything else, have a big glass of water.

Argula – this flavourful green is high in fiber and helps stabilize your blood sugar. For lunch have this as the base for a salad, in a soup, or even as a pizza topping.

Avocado – Full of healthy fat it helps keep your energy steady for a longer period and wards off low blood sugar.

Almonds (raw and unsalted) – are the superstar in the snack world. WHY? Because they contain important nutrients, like magnesium and B vitamins, that help convert food to energy.   So for your afternoon snack try having up to an ounce of almonds (about 20 nuts).

Eating a healthy diet is important, but we can do a lot of work to “close the gap” with supplements to help us feel better and get our energy levels where they need to be.

Here are the 2 key supplements that help…..


Insufficient B vitamins can lead to fatigue, irritability, and poor concentration. Also known as the “energy vitamin,” B12 is the most complex of all vitamins. Not only does it supports thyroid function but it also keeps blood cells happy and healthy. If you’re vitamin B12 deficient, one of the first signs can be lower energy levels.

Since it’s a water-soluble vitamin, your body cannot store extra amounts of B12 and relies on getting the vitamin from the foods you eat or supplements.

Better than coffee – Magnesium

Magnesium (Mg) activates several enzymes in the body and plays an important role in energy metabolism.   Meaning, it helps create energy.   Even though it is the fourth most abundant mineral in our bodies, it is also one of the most depleted minerals in our soils (and therefore food).   So when your Mg levels are low, your energy may drop.

Since there are different forms of Mg supplements make sure you speak to your healthcare practitioner to choose which form of Mg is best for you (especially if you are taking medications).

*Not all supplements are created equal. Use free resources such as Consumer Labs or NutriSearch Guide to ensure the product is tested, proven quality and potency and does not contain fillers or toxins.


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