At Home in California with Grease actor Lorenzo Lamas

Janette Ewen interviews Grease actor Lorenzo Lamas

For more than 30 years, actor Lorenzo Lamas appeared on our TV screens as a leading man on popular shows like Falcon Crest and Renegade. Lamas got his break early, by playing the role of “Tom” in the worldwide phenomenon known as Grease; set to celebrate its 40th anniversary this summer. Born in Santa Monica, California, Lamas grew up loving the beach. Lamas is still an avid swimmer (perhaps learning his strokes from his father or stepmother, Fernando Lamas and Esther Williams—stars of the Hollywood’s “splashy” hit Dangerous When Wet). With a love for all things sunshine and West Coast, it’s no surprise that Lamas recently moved back to the beach, setting up his “Surfside Pied-à-Terre” (as he likes to call it) in a quaint Orange County community.

Today Lamas follows his passion for aviation and works as a helicopter pilot; while occasionally dabbling in acting. We caught up with Lamas for a peek inside his home, and to find out how you too can bring a little surf style into your space.

JE: You’ve spent the last few years in NYC flying helicopters What made you decide to move back to southern California?
LL: Have you driven the I-95 in a snowstorm? In all honesty, I’m a California boy. I missed the sunshine, the surfing, my lovely kids… NYC was great. I really improved my aviation skills flying over Manhattan every day, but it was time to come home.

JE: What was your inspiration when you decorated your space?
LL: I wanted to bring in a bit of a masculine beach vibe and have the space feel relaxed, cozy and inviting. I worked with designers Patrick Delanty and Kellee Merrell. They really dug into my passions and were able to interpret my style so seamlessly. They also found some great old photographs of my father from the 1950s and used them to develop the colour scheme.

JE: What are your favourite pieces?
LL: I’d have to say the surfboard above the sofa. It’s from a small local company. I also like the hints of colour—especially my cool little retro fridge. We used a lot of natural wood from the dining table to the bed; solid Canadian lumber. I filmed a number of shows in Vancouver and Toronto, so I have an affinity for all things Canadian. Both pieces are from Mobilia, a Montreal-based furniture company. I also love the artwork and all my collectables on display. My favourite works are from Dutch painter Tanja Rector and Canadian artist John Goetz—both artists are now based in Santa Monica, right near the airport.

JE: What is the one thing you would recommend to readers looking to create a beach-inspired space? 
LL: Just have fun with it. The beach is a fun place! Bring that sense of play into your home and don’t be afraid to mix colours, pattern and texture. And if you can, find a good designer who brings you a bit out of your comfort zone. Patrick and Kellee picked things I would have never picked out myself and yet everything works! I have truly never felt more at home in a space, than I do now.


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