Smokey eyes

Smokey Eyes- 6 Steps to Smokey Eye Success

Smokey eyes can be applied with a light touch to be worn in the AM or darkened for the evening. Any colour can be incorporated into a smoky eye, and what makes the look is the deeply hued eye shadow or eye liner that surrounds both upper and lower lash lines.

How to Achieve Smokey Eyes

Step 1:

Choose your brushes-a dense tapered brush that holds product well to apply the shadow.

Step 2:

Choose your colour using a deep, rich colour which will allow you to produce the desired effect.

Step 3:

Load up your brush and tap off the excess. This will help to prevent the eye shadow from sprinkling underneath the eye area-use a gentle patting motion and apply to a small area at a time. This look is always about baby steps, so remember you can always add more along the upper and lower lids from the lash line out and this will aid desired symmetry.

Step 4:

Once satisfied with your symmetry, it’s time to blend using a soft, fluffy brush and start blending from the outer eye in. Again, be sure to check your symmetry as you go.

Step 5: 

Add your final touches, ie, liner on inner rim or atop the lash line and/or a shadow that adds either a complimentary accent to your outfit, or a flattering sheen to the lids.

Step 6:

Finish with mascara and/or lashes

A Tip To Remember:

To minimize your chances for error, taking baby steps is key; beginning with a small amount of product and applying a little at a time. You can always add more!


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Suzanne McKay

Suzanne McKay

Makeup artist Suzanne McKay has worked with some of the biggest stars in the film, TV and fashion industry.  A seasoned makeup artist of 15 years, she has become a leading expert in her field.  Comments

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