6 Home Styling Tips

Find your passion and style home spaces you’ll love to live in

A little change in our decor can really liven a space up and help inspire our lives. Since our homes are the backdrop to our lives, it only makes sense that we would want to mix it up now and again, or risk finding ourselves a little on the bored side. A change can mean anything from new furnishings to a fresh colour palette. But where to start? Would hiring a stylist help or can you do it yourself? Here are some of my favourite tips to make your home feel photo-shoot worthy.


Figure out what it is that you are passionate about and find ways to incorporate that into a room. You want the room to scream “you” so people know a bit more about you when they walk into a room. First you need to get inspired. In the world of design and style, getting and staying visually inspired is the most important tool we have. Here’s how:

Visit as many art galleries as you can

Art inspires us to think outside of the box and evokes emotional responses that are key to creating good design. Try booking a day to visit local galleries or check online to see if your city or town is having an upcoming art walk or fair.

Take a trip

Sure, a vacation can be expensive, but the value of getting out and seeing new things is enormous. When touring a new city, pop into all the fabulous design hotels and restaurants. Even if you just take a peek, you will gather a bunch of new design ideas and concepts.

Catch a flick!

Movie sets and design always inspire. My fave flicks to watch when I am feeling low on design juice include Auntie Mame, The Towering Inferno, Marie Antoinette and The Party.


Now that you are armed with inspiration and passion, it’s time to get to work. This is the fun part as results are instant.

  1. Rethink how you display

Really try to think about how you are displaying things. It’s not simply about putting a book down on a table; it’s what you can add to it that will really make an area shine. One thing I love to do is to take the paper book covers or dust jackets off of big books—this simple trick can really add a great element of colour to any room. Try stacking your books horizontally and vertically on top of one another, and then add a “topper”–a great, fun piece–to the top of your books. I love to keep old Tiffany boxes; a great idea is to stack your boxes and then add something like this cool little bird to the top of it. Now you have a piece of art!

  1. Show off your collections

When collections are displayed in a thoughtful fashion, they can become the focal point of a home as well as a conversation piece. All too often, we collect items and those items are stashed in a basement gathering dust. Creating a thoughtful display just takes a little imagination and a sense of fun. Don’t stress about whether your collections “make sense” in a room. (For example, don’t think that only kitchen-related items can be displayed in a kitchen.) When it comes to display, it’s more about creating a sense of whimsy and matching items that follow a similar colour palette, than context. Mostly it comes down to trusting your eye. Does the display look “right”? Does it make you smile? If so, then it works.

  1. Let there be light

You can get more natural light by removing overdone drapes. Keep window coverings chic and simple. If you want something grander, consider a single swag drape that is ornamental (but stylish) and still lets plenty of natural light in—this is what I have in my loft. This look also makes rooms and windows look bigger. It’s quite dramatic and draws the eye out and up.

  1. Don’t be afraid of wallpaper

Wallpaper can make a room look more complete; bare walls close a room in! Wallpaper is great especially when it comes to a small space like a bathroom. Give your powder room punch by wallpapering the space in a bold print. Why not wallpaper your ceiling? Wallpapering all the walls and ceiling too, gives the look of a jewelry box interior! The look is fresh, quirky and really finishes a room off. Your ceiling is actually your fifth wall and making it a feature shows design confidence and great style!

  1. Black is back

Black walls or a black ceiling can create visual space in a room. By painting walls or a ceiling with black matte paint you can create drama and make the walls seem to disappear!

  1. Every space is for decorating

In many homes the work, play and eating spaces are all exposed, so be sure to maximize your decor in these spaces. This includes arranging shelves in a stylish fashion, tucking loose papers and items into attractive storage boxes, buying pretty storage items for your kitchen if they’ll be left out on a counter and using unconventional spaces for display (for example, try some oversized vases or artwork on the top of kitchen cabinets).



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