5 Ways to Turn Around a Bad Hair Day

Sometimes you just have to DO YOU and not your hair. Well, luckily I’m your girl. As an overworked and under slept student with hair that doesn’t always cooperate, I’m here to inform you on how I go about bad hair days. So, if you’re ever feeling like 2007 Britney, here are some ways to go about a bad hair day, (without shaving your head).

  1. HATS

Haven’t washed your hair in days? Out of dry shampoo? Your part dried all funky? Well my friends, HATS CAN HELP! It’s safe to say that 5/7 days of the week I opt for a beanie, not only because I’m lazy but probably because I’m running late. Although, in the summer this option isn’t as much of a go-to for me because oftentimes sun-hats and ball caps make my head hot, but hey at least you look like a #chillgirl. Totally joking…but you will.


This can go two ways: the half-up top knot OR the full-head top knot. If it’s just your part that’s being all funked-up, I’d opt for the half-up, as it gives a nice messy and effortless look while allowing most of your hair to still be free and flowing. If your entire head is representing a mop, opt for the full-out top knot. This can actually make you look MORE put together than you actually are cause its slick and simple. If you don’t have a donut to roll your ponytail on, cut a sock and put your pony through it and ROLL your way to that interview. I recommend combing the hair back into the up-do using a slight amount of hairspray, so those fly-away hairs don’t tell all your secrets.


My ultimate favourite. Simple, chic, fun, yet so damn quick. Braids rock because your hair can be dry, wet, greasy, clean, messy, or pristine, and you’re pretty much guaranteed a compliment on it. Not so long ago we entered a major French-braid fad in society and I was not complaining. Since a full head braid doesn’t always look so glam on my shoulder length hair, I find myself opting more for bang-braids. I recommend parting your hair further to one side so you have more hair to work with. Braid it into a low bun and use a wand to curl your fly-aways away from your face. Before you know it you’ll look put together and all it took you was a solid 5 minutes and some bad-hair day motivation. You’re welcome.


Not everyone will agree with this one, but I feel headbands making a comeback in 2018 – so take full advantage of how effortless they really are. This option is best suited for the days when your part refuses to cooperate. A nice thick headband that goes all around your head give a sporty, effortless, and even chic kind of look. Find your inner Blair Waldorf and match your headbands with your outfit. What could possible scream put together more than that does? If you really want to get fancy, tease the top/back of your head so it looks voluminous and purposeful.


AKA a simple messy bun or high ponytail. Both of these things can make or break your appearance, you just have to do it right. Not all of us can slab our nasty mop to the top of our head and pull off an effortless-chic appearance. Although, adding these small tips into your regiment can definitely help! First off, add dry shampoo for volume and to absorb any excess oil. Secondly, lightly tease the middle layer of your hair to give it a messy and voluminous look. If you chose to do a high pony, I recommend lightly teasing the ponytail so it has that full and messy look to it as well (no one wants a ponytail that looks like a glorified rat tail). If you happen to have cute little baby hairs, pull them out and embrace them. However, I don’t recommend trying to mimic those using your full-length hair that is well past 5 inches.

Take it from me; a sleep deprived, stuDYING, busy and sometimes lazy student, these are my go-to hair solutions. Test them all out, see which gives you the most confidence and then rock them until it’s the signature *insert name* hairstyle.


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