5 Ways to Tip the Scales in Your Favour This Spring

Springtime makes most of us feel lighter and brighter—and when it comes to weight loss, that feeling is real. As the temperature rises and the days get longer, your body is naturally wired to lighten up, and shed any extra fat it felt the need to store over the winter. Here are a few things you can do to take advantage of this natural tendency and get a head start on your summer body!

1 Eat regular, small portions to keep your body focused on dropping fat

In the fall, as the temperature starts to drop and as the days get shorter, your body prepares for hibernation mode and you start to crave foods that warm you up and create heat when you eat them. Foods like soups and stews, hearty root veggies like potatoes and fatty meats are all of a sudden more appealing than the fresh fruits and leafy greens. Along with craving more carbs, the body has a tendency to store fat in the winter. Things like freezing temperatures, shorter days and lack of vitamin D reinforce that need and can make weight loss difficult.

In the spring, this situation reverses. Your body switches from hibernation mode to ‘Woo Hoo! It’s spring!” mode, and is looking to lighten up and drop its winter weight. You’ll notice you start to have more energy and crave fresh foods. And, as your metabolism increases and your body starts to give you more energy, you will want to move and be more active, which can make exercise a lot more appealing.

To take advantage of this natural detox process, you should up your water game and drink at least 3.5 litres per day, eat often to stimulate your digestive system, and keep portions small so your body can digest more efficiently and focus on boosting your metabolism and dropping fat.

2 Eat fresh foods to get things “moving”

In spring, the body starts to crave foods that have a cooling affect like fresh fruits and veggies, which makes it easier to keep it light and eat healthy. Because these cold foods are not appealing in the winter, it’s harder to get the roughage your body needs to keep things moving,  so your body is craving a spring clean out—this is part of the reason you are craving fresh foods like leafy greens. Salads are a great way to add nutrients and help to process the food coming in and the food going out.

Bumping up your fruit intake from one serving in the winter, to two or three, will make snacking a lot easier and can bump up your metabolism and increase your nutrient absorption, along with adding extra fibre to your diet. Because your body is looking to detox stored fat, increasing your fibre consumption is one way to speed up the fat loss process.

3 Drink more water!

In the spring, your body is looking to detox and shed its winter weight and water plays an essential role in this process. You can be eating right and exercising, but if you are not drinking enough water then your body won’t be able to get the fat out even if it wants to. The average person needs 3.5 litres per day just for basic body function—and even more to induce detox—which can seem like a lot. But as the temperature rises, you should find it much easier to drink water and stay hydrated.

4 Eat later in the evening without affecting weight loss goals

Late night snacking can be detrimental to any weight loss program, which makes it difficult to resist nighttime nibbling. When the sun goes down, the body is naturally wired to release melatonin, which helps your body wind down and get you ready for that deep REM sleep you need for weight loss. Late night eating or snacking can interrupt that process, leaving you slow and sluggish the next day and reinforcing the need to store fat. Longer days tend to work better with work schedules and dinner time, allowing you to eat later without it affecting your weight loss goals.

5 Spring into exercise!

As the weather gets warmer, your body starts to give you more energy in order to bump up your metabolism. More energy makes exercising a lot easier and more appealing. And because using your energy creates more energy, exercise can very quickly become something your body craves and you look forward to! Spring is also the perfect time to get outside. Fresh air and communing with nature can do wonders for your health and wellness by increasing oxygen and endorphin production along with decreasing stress levels and bumping up that natural vitamin D.



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Gina Livy

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