5 Top Tips For Keeping Your Skin Glowing This Winter


It is still important to exfoliate your skin to remove dry skin cells and allow your skin the best opportunity to absorb the active ingredients in your skin care. Even with the dryer weather you should exfoliate once a week. Exfoliating will also help remove the flakes that dull your skin and will allow it to glow. Choose a gentle exfoliator with beads or an enzymatic one.

Don a Mask

Applying a nourishing or purifying mask once a week in the winter months will help battle dryness. Leaving a mask on for even 10 or 15 minutes will allow the ingredients an opportunity to penetrate deeply. Think of it like putting a deep conditioning mask on your hair… it will feel softer and smoother.


During the cold winter months the dry weather, cold harsh wind and reduced humidity can rob our skin of the moisture that keeps it plump and nourished. At this time of year you may want to consider bumping up your moisturizer to one that is a little thicker or more concentrated. Adding a Serum that is either hydrating or with antioxidants is another good idea.  Put it on before your moisturizer so the molecules are locked in.

Don’t forget the Sunscreen

Just because we’re no longer enjoying the warm summer months is no reason to stop applying your sunscreen. The sun’s rays are still strong and if you enjoy spending time doing outdoor activities on a bright winter day, you should absolutely be wearing sunscreen. The reflection off the snow is equally as damaging so remember to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day. Sunscreen will also provide some protection from the cold and extreme cold can lead to broken capillaries on the face.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! 

As much as we all love to stand in a long hot shower, it can be one of the worst things for your skin.  The heat will strip your skin of moisture and oil causing it to feel dry and rough. Try to take shorter showers that are not too hot and when washing your face use lukewarm or cool water.  Afterward, pat yourself dry rather than rubbing and apply moisturizer as soon as possible.  You not only need to hydrate your skin from the outside but it is equally important to hydrate it from the inside. Drinking plenty of water during the day is essential and remember,  drink more water if you’re celebrating the holidays with alcoholic beverages! 


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