5 Minute Face

From Drab to Fab in 5-Minutes Flat with these 5 Minute Face Tips

Do you want a 5 Minute face look? I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a lot of time to get myself ready in the morning.  Even when I do, sometimes there are other things I would rather be doing!  Does that mean I have to leave home looking like a zombie?  Absolutely not!  With just a few products, anyone can go from looking drab to fab while still getting to hit the snooze button one more time.  Don’t believe me?  Grab your products, set a timer, and give it a go!  This is what I swear by to help me look polished (and as though I actually got more than 3 hours of sleep):

5 Minute Face

Under-Eye Brightener

This product is designed to help correct darkness by reflecting light to give the under eye area an instant boost.  These come in tinted and un-tinted formulas.

BB Cream

This is your skincare, primer and foundation all built into one product/step – yes please!  You won’t get full coverage from a product like this, but it is wearable and breathable for your skin, which is a nice option for daytime.

Eyelid Primer

I prefer to use a matte-finish neutral tone to blend with my skin and even out any redness or discoloration.  It can be worn alone or as a base for eye shadow.


Unless you’re blessed with a double lash line to the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, mascara is a must to darken, thicken, lengthen, curl and/or define your lashes.  Only apply it to your top lashes to make the eyes appear open and bright.

Clear Eyebrow Gel

This product will set, define, and hold your brows in place all day long!  The beauty of using clear is that you won’t have to replace it if you go from blonde to brunette to redhead within the same week (not that I recommend that)


A little goes a long way.  Look for a colour that mimics your natural flush (think the colour your face turns when you exercise or get embarrassed).  Try a cream formula if your cheeks tend to be dry.  Those prone to an excess of oil should stick to powders.

Tinted Lip Balm

A soft, tinted lip is the perfect finishing touch to complete this no-fuss daytime look.  It will keep your lips moisturized while also adding a pop of colour.  Look for a formula with SPF for extra protection.

This look also serves as a great base should you find yourself heading out on the town later in the evening.  Check out our previous post on How to Take Your Makeup From Day to Night!


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