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New 3D Body Scanner Will Help You Get Fit

There is a new fitness companion unlike any other that just hit the market and it will help keep you in shape. Called ShapeScale, this device is a scale and 3D body scanner in one.

The base measures your weight and its robotic arm rotates around you. It has a sensor head with 3-degrees of freedom that scans your body in under one-minute.

Here’s the Skinny on the 3D Body Scanner

“The sensor head packs the latest 3D scanning technology in order to scan you with millimeter precision,” explains its team of inventors.

ShapeScale was launched earlier this year at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

“It also includes a camera to capture a stunningly realistic texture of your body. The sensor head takes hundreds of pictures and captures millions of 3D data points to generate your virtual avatar. The sensor will give you audio feedback on your progress − all the rest is available in the app,” adds the team.

The unit, which is very light, operates on battery or on a power adapter, so you can take it to the gym or anywhere you desire.

Will it Sell?

There are scores of scales and wearables with apps on the market that help keep track of our weight and overall health.

However, ShapeScale is a first – there is no other device like it. It’s a body scale and 3D scanner that has one main purpose: it shows users how their body changes over time. Knowing your body weight is one thing, but it’s just as important to know its exact state and progression when following a healthy diet and exercise plan. And with the click of a button on your smartphone or tablet you get all the info and data involving the overall state of your weight, body and health.

Even better, this technology has far reaching applications. Sure it can be used in fitness, sports and healthcare, but it will also be beneficial for an array of industries, like fashion, e-commerce, games and augmented and virtual reality. This is another big selling point with this new product.

And the pricing point is just right as it costs $599 (USD).

So, check out this new technology. It might even help you live longer and that’s a good thing!



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