Spring’s Best Makeup Looks is Fresh and Fun

Spring is the perfect time to think outside the box by resolving to be more adventurous with your makeup. It’s not as hard as you think to try something new while maintaining your wonderful sense of self, especially in the spring, when the seasonal look usually abides by the “less is more” motto. It’s a fantastic opportunity to try something new as the applied look would generally be subdued, leaving you free to experiment without intimidation. As always, the only way to succeed with any makeup trend is by maintaining a proper skincare regimen.


CLEANSE once per day and only before bed to remove makeup and free radicals collected from the environment.

EXFOLIATE two to three times per week; the frequency of which depends on how much dead surface skin you accumulate as well as how sensitive your skin is to exfoliation.

HYDRATING MASKS & DETOXIFYING MASKS are equally important, however, how often you should use them depends on your skin’s needs as well as your response to the products. Read the directions listed on the product and adjust usage from there.

MOISTURIZE in the evening after completing your skincare regimen, and once in the morning, if your skin has lost some of its moisture overnight. Your skin is already clean (right?) so there is no need to cleanse again if you have done so the night before.

By following these steps, your face will be a smoother canvas with retained moisture, perfect for springtime makeup trends!


CONCEALING FLAWS WHILE USING LESS PRODUCT is the general objective for anyone who wears makeup. It seems the hunt is forever on in search of the perfect triple threat concealer that has the following must-have requirements:

#1        High pigmentation allowing for maximum coverage with minimal application

#2        Velvety texture, making blending a breeze

#3        Staying power

What if I told you I’ve found the holy grail of concealers? No joke! I’ve used countless in the past and my jaw literally dropped when I used the Clé de Peau concealers for the first time. I could not get over the amount of flawless coverage achieved while using the smallest amount of product! For fair, tan, olive or medium-dark complexions, these light, silky concealers are just the ticket for seamlessly pairing with a tinted moisturizer or your favourite sheer foundation. These magical gems are available in tubes for easy on-the-go use and are now formulated with SPF 25! You can thank me later!


FEELING BOLD? Matte, orangey lips with barely-there eyes is a trend that holds true, spring after spring, year after year. It’s a fun-loving way of adding some oomph to a face that likely hasn’t been kissed by the sun for several months. As we wriggle free from the winter blahs, it’s a natural reflex to reach for those brighter makeup colours to outwardly express our glee for the warmer months to come.


MULTI-TONED EYES will be turning heads this season. Think bright coloured shadows paired with an eye pencil of a different shade lining the waterline of the lower eyelid. Try using shades that complement your eye colour and make them POP!


Orangey shadow on the upper lid

Warm brown shadow on the lower lid

GIVE IT A KICK: Blue pencil lining the lower water line of the eyelid


Violet shadow on the upper eyelid

Soft burgundy shade on the lower eyelid

GIVE IT A KICK: Charcoal pencil lining waterline


Blue toned shadow on the upper eyelid

Soft brown shadow on the lower eyelid

GIVE IT A KICK: Blue pencil lining lower waterline


Silver hued shadow on the upper eyelid

Charcoal shadow on the lower eyelid

GIVE IT A KICK: Black pencil lining lower waterline


If you have hazel eyes, you may already know how fortunate you are when it comes to wearing eye makeup. One of the most alluring aspects of the hazel eye is its incredible compilation of colours, leaving it up to YOU to decide which colour you’d like to showcase. By following my recommendations above, you can illuminate the brown, green, blue or grey in your incredible irises.


If an edgy look is more your vibe and you’re no stranger to the classic cat eye, you’ll want to try this fun take on the winged liner that’s making a massive statement this spring: Lining the outer eye only, extend the line as far as you dare adding little else makeup-wise.

Feeling like more is more? Thicken your liner enough to reach the crease of your eyelid and finish off with an upward flick.


GLITTER dominated the fashion weeks of New York, London, Milan and Paris and for good reason; it can pack a punch and make a powerful statement. My favourite area to place glitter is on the eyes, but be careful; for glitter to look its best it must be strategically placed as an accent on skin that is taut, so it doesn’t accentuate any wrinkles or sagging. With glitter gel on one end and liquid metallic shadow on the other, Revlon’s “Photo Ready Eye Art” is exactly what you’ll need to add a flirty twinkle to your eyes.

PRO TIP: Place glitter only on the space of your eyelid that shows when your eyes are open. For double the impact, brush liquid shadow across your eyelid before gliding glitter gel on top—it will lend a lovely, warm glow along your lash line.


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