2017 Fashion Trends

Fashion can be exhausting, even for a stylist. This year, I’m making it easy. I’m setting some ground rules, and sticking to them in order to ensure that I utilize every inch of my wardrobe, both in terms of the space as well as what’s in it.

Rule-of-thumb: Do not buy an item of clothing, unless it’s a part of an outfit envisioned in your head. Don’t even think about the new boots or wedges unless the jeans and blouse to match are already hanging in your closet. The same rule applies to coats and handbags, and just about any accessory.

Look in your closet. How many items hang there untouched year after year? That jacket, those heels, that pair of skinny jeans that are way too tight; you know exactly what items I’m referring to. The next rule is to deal with what you already own before purchasing anything new. Only when you’ve sorted through what you already have, may you invest in the new essentials for 2017.

Latest Fashion Trends

fashion trends

Start your closet with stripes!

Always an essential for spring, when we begin to envision ourselves on a boat. This year, go for super stripes, the thicker the better. Think from boating to banking.

Fashion Trends

Express yourself!

This is not a new concept. It’s been 25 years since Madonna’s debut of Jean Paul Gaultier’s pink cone bra on her Blond Ambition Tour! Bra tops are back. Woohoo! An extension of the pajama and lingerie look of 2016, bringing your sexy is back on the table (or kitchen counter) for 2017. At New York Fashion Week, Tory Burch and Alexander Wang showed off sexy separates with a little less on top. Grab a corset top at Marciano and pair it with the high-waisted pants you (hopefully) already have in your closet. As for which shade of sexy to sport, this year is all about blue.

Fashion Trends

For the ladies, the garden party is on!

Wear florals with florals as long as you have yellow—the trendiest colour of 2017. Try it with pink or green. For inspiration, look to the runway shows of Naeem Khan and Alice + Olivia. Ruffles have also been invited to high tea. For the lovelies who like to dress up: this spring is your chance to blossom.

Fashion Trends

They say khaki is cool again

Personally I’m not into it, but if you want to rock a trench coat, this year go for one that’s not so fitted. Be realistic, if you own a classic trench, don’t go replacing your Burberry. Work with what you have. As for the khaki pant? I’m ignoring this one, as it should never have been in style in the first place.

Fashion Trends

Shoulder statements are still big

One shoulder, big shoulders, vented sleeves and even cutouts on the shoulders. This is the only body part that doesn’t gain weight over the holidays so show ‘em off. To test this trend affordably, check out Shop M Boutique and Mendocino for styles that flaunt your blades.

Fashion Trends

For the kids, it’s all about hitting ‘da club!’

Marc Jacobs showed Glam Rock n’ Roll in all shades of neon. Yes, neon—but just for the kids. No one over 30, please. TopShop is your one-stop shop for all things of the moment.

Get on board or just go fishing in your own closet. There is nothing trendier than saving money, so if you’re not feeling any of the new trends, no worries. There’s always 2018.


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