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Top 10 Spring Nail Art Trends

Freshly manicured nails can make all the difference in how you look and feel this spring. Nail art trends have come a long way lately and there are so many different designs to choose from. The trends can range from attention grabbing to subtle changes, pops of colour to intricate designs, and everything in between.

These beautiful nail art trends will keep your nails looking great for the spring:

Spring Nail Art Trends

Rose Quartz

Not only is the Rose Quartz a gorgeous shade of pink, the stone itself stands for the vibration of love and is instrumental in it’s ability to heal personal relationships. No matter the meaning of the crystal it’s self, there is one thing that has been made very clear: It looks phenomenal on nails.

Nail Art Trends


Marbling your nails is not the quickest or cleanest way to paint those nails, but it is creative and exciting. The results are really cool and a great way to do your nails this spring.

Colour Blocking

If you love the idea of geometric shapes on each nail, this look is for you. Use contrasting, strong coloured nail polish to achieve the right look. Colour Blocking is actual reasonably easy to achieve but does require a little but of practice to ensure the shapes look clean and sharp.

The Braided Beauty

Braided nail art really could be one of the more simple nail art trends to execute. It does take a little bot of time to finish though, due to the repeating steps. The pattern makes much more sense when you picture braiding your nails as you are painting. This trend is better for longer nails though as there is more room for more layers.

Rainbow Fishtails

This design boasts bright colours and flows beautifully. Although the design is simple, it is a great way to wear the trending colours for this spring.

Fluorescent Tips

You haven’t seen French tips quite like this before. Apply a delicate, thin stroke of a fluorescent colour to the tip of your nails and make your nails pop for a completely new and fresh spring look.

Little Glitter

A little glitter can go a long way when it comes to your nails. Choose a soft pastel base colour and use glitter at the base of your nails. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be perfect to look great!

Polka Dotty

Let’s face it, polka dots really are a trend for spring fashion. The bets part about this look is that if you use different layers of colour, it can almost have a 3D effect.

Nail art trends

Get Floral

There is nothing that screams spring louder than Floral nail art. Try tiny floral masterpieces using different colours and flower designs on your nails to turn your manicure into a work of art.

Line it Up

Cute little lines diagonally across your nails add a sort of geometric look to your manicure. Choose different colours and use thin lines to achieve this look.

There are many different nail trends that are great for this spring! Use the ones you love the most to spruce up that manicure today. You will look good and feel good too!




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