10 reasons to Visit PEI This Summer

9 Reasons to Visit Prince Edward Island this Summer

There is nowhere in Canada where one can experience beauty, simplicity, and serenity like the provinces on the East Coast. Known as the birthplace of Canada, PEI hosted the inaugural meeting towards the country’s 1867 Confederation. As summer is just around the corner, for those who have yet to decide their vacation destination, the beautiful island of Prince Edward Island is a fantastic location for couples, families, or the travel enthusiast.

We visited Prince Edward Island last summer and this island is far more than it’s world-renowned rich red soil, potatoes and brilliant blue skies.

Here are 9 reasons why we encourage you to consider PEI as your next vacation destination.

East Coast Cuisine in PEI

Unlike many parts of Canada, there is no need to dress up for a feast of seafood in PEI.  PEI is known for their shellfish (oysters, mussels, lobster and scallops) and restaurants across the island serving it in various ways.  From lobster rolls at the local diner, to a full course meal at an upscale restaurant, nothing compares to eating fresh seafood while vacationing on the island.  For a patio experience like no other, one must visit is Lobster on the Wharf in Charlottetown, PEI.

10 Reasons to Visit PEI This Summer 10 Reasons to Visit PEI This Summer


Gorgeous Beaches Throughout the Island


10 Reasons to Visit PEI This Summer Cavendish BeachLast year we featured Cavendish Beach as one of the most beautiful beaches in Canada.  However, traveling the island you will find hidden gems of red sandy coves, with beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean.


10 Reasons to Visit PEI This Summer - FIshing

Fishing is another common activity for locals and tourists in PEI.  The fishing industry provides many of the resident’s employment in the seasonal months. It’s a vital part of PEI’s economic sustainability.  Visitors can opt for deep sea and freshwater fishing via many guided and charter tours, or you can go digging for clams along peaceful shoreline.

Anne of Green Gables

10 Reasons to Visit PEI This Summer - Anne of Green GablesAnne of Green Gables was first published in 1908.  The book and its author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, are beloved around the world. May fans flock to PEI to experience the setting of the story in person. You can visit the homestead, or head over to Avonela Village to visualize to settings of how the characters lived. One of the island’s highlights is a musical rendition of the classic novel that has been running for 50 years.

Kitchen Witch Tea Room

10 Reasons to Visit PEI This Summer - Kitchen Witch Tea Room

The Kitchen Witch Tea Room, located in Queen’s Country, was highly recommended to us for their fresh food, selection of over 110 bagged tea bags, over 80 premium loose tea choices, and local crafts & gifts. Tea Reading is another option you can partake in at this tea room.  They will offer this option to you when they take your order and book you in.


10 Reasons to Visit PEI This Summer - Lighthouses

Lighthouses are majestic and at the right time of day, a photographer lover’s dream.  Tourism PEI provides a comprehensive guide to finding all of the lighthouses located throughout the island.

Cavendish Beach Music Festival

10 Reasons to Visit PEI This Summer - Cavendish Beach Music Festival

If you’re a country music fan, the Cavendish Beach Music Festival has a stellar lineup of North American talent.  This year’s festival is from June 6-9th with headliners Luke Bryan, Chris Young, Brett Eldredge and Sean Mendes.  Make sure to make your accommodations early and be prepared for a ton of people in Cavendish Beach, PEI. For those who want to stay in one of the surrounding towns, the organizers provide shuttle services from Cavendish to Charlottetown, Summerside, and Mill River.

Coastal Drives

10 Reasons to Visit PEI This Summer - Coastal Drives

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, beautiful scenery and serenity, is what you’ll find all over the island of PEI. You can bike confederation trail from one tip to the other. Alternatively, enjoy the views in the comfort of your car off the three distinct coastal drives around the island.

Amazing Lodging Choices

10 Reasons to Visit PEI This Summer - Unique Lodging

There are hotel accommodations for everyone in PEI.  From staying in a lighthouse, to a 5-star resort, a cottage, B&B, motel, farm stay, campground, cottage, inn, the staff at all of these fine establishments are eager to entertain and educate their guest about their island.

10 Reasons to Visit PEI This Summer - Cavendish Breeze Inn, Cavendish PEI Lodging

During our stay, we had a cottage at the Cavendish Breeze Inn where we were able to create our own seafood delicacies in our full kitchen, enjoy the BBQ provided on our private patio, and take a swim in their pool. Cavendish Breeze Inn offers Bed and Breakfast lodging and is just steps away from Anne of Green Gables, Cavendish Beach Music Festival and many local shops and boutiques.


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